Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Handy notion -

Here’s a handy little sewing/seam guide - here -

That you can screw into your machine’s standard screw hole for attachments -

See the hole on the far right? -

Only problem is -

My favorite machine doesn’t have one - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. My older Singers came with a metal one - wonder if I could use it on my other machines? Maybe I ought to give it a try......
    But here's the question - Why did the older machines come with so many handy dandy attachments and newer ones come with attachments / special presser feet that will rarely be used??? The attachments most people would use frequently are an 'add on'.....

    1. My opinion - the old metal ones are the BEST - if you have an extra one I'll trade you something for it - ;)) They should fit any "front-loader bobbin" machine - but the "top drop-in bobbin" machines don't have the extra screw hole on the right side. I also think that the special attachments included today are mostly for "garment" sewing. As soon as you add the word "quilt" to anything - you usually have to pay "extra" - ;))

  2. Is that meant to sew curved seams as well? A couple of my older machines would be able to use this, I think but not the electronic models. Too bad.

    1. Yes - according to the package -
      it "has a rounded end for neck lines" -
      "Fits any machine with standard screw hole attachment."
      "Non-magnetic! Great for use on computerized sewing machines."
      "Pivots to 2 positions on single slot."
      "2 heights - 3 guide edges" -
      "perfect seams, topstitching & quilt blocks" -

      The problem is not the "electronics" of the newer machines - it's the missing screw hole - ;))


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