Sunday, October 7, 2012

QJ - Gift Giver


Hand pieced
Hand appliqued
Hand embroidered
Hand quilted
21” x 21”
Completed - August 1994

Hand-made entry for the County Fair

Pattern - The Gift Giver
Designed by Susan McKelvey
(c) Wallflower Designs - 1993

County Fair - August 1994 -

Won second place -

They didn't have a category for "hand pieced and hand quilted" -

So they had to add one for my entry -

I guess it's a lost art - ;)).

Front -

Back -

Detail - face and halo -

Detail - hand embroidery on dress -
I tried to add some texture to the flowers on her dress -
Using the same color of embroidery floss as the flowers on the fabric -

Detail - silk flowers - 3D -
The original pattern had a little Christmas tree -
With a "star" button on top -
I substituted a small bouquet of silk flowers on my version -

Scrap card -

QJ - 1994


Katie M. said...

That is soooo pretty!

Linda C said...

How lovely! I love to hand quilt and really should set aside that hour a day to do so. Maybe that quilt I told you about would get finished before the quilt show next fall that way.

grandmarockton said...

LOVE IT almost to Beautiful to give


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