Sunday, October 21, 2012

QJ - Rainbow Zebra


Wholecloth preprinted panel
Machine quilted
Baby quilt
Started - June 1994
Completed - October 20, 1994

Made for Grandson #1 -

Preprinted "Rainbow Zebra" panel -
2 yards red for border & back -
2 pkgs of navy quilt binding

I had figured on 2 yards for the border and back then couldn't remember how I arrived at that amount after I bought it. It took a while to re-think it.

County Fair - August 1995 -

Won second place -

Our daughter won 3rd place in the same division for a quilt she made for her niece.
You can barely see it hanging to the right of the Rainbow Zebra quilt at the Fair.
It's pink and white against a white wall - so it's really hard to see - but it's really CUTE! - ;))

Scrap card -

QJ - 1994

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