Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Housekeeping Chores -

LHQ - Today I did a little housekeeping.  No - no - not "house" housekeeping - I mean "blog housekeeping".  I went back to my old blog (Quilt Bum - no relation to Marianne Fons) and imported my posts to this new blog.  I also did a little re-editing while I was at it.  At the beginning of the posts I wrote a little note saying that they had been imported - and edited.

You will see - if you read them - that they are not "Left-handed" at all.  They are just me rambling on about what I was doing at the time.  From Saturday's post - Third Time's a Charm - New Mission - all the posts are "real-time" - and have not been posted before.

I've decided to do a little experiment.  When I googled "Left-Handed Quilter" - I got a variety of stuff - but not my blog.  I want left-handed quilters to be able to find my blog!!

I have it set so that Google should pick up on the first 25 characters in my blog when it does its web searches - so I thought "A Left-Handed Quilter" would show up.  But I didn't see it.  My experiment is this - I put "LHQ" as the first three characters of this post.  Those three letters seem to be an odd enough combination to be somewhat unique - so I'm going to publish this post and then google "LHQ" - to see what I get.  Be right back.

OK, I'm back. "LHQ" came up with 2,840,000 hits.  It seems that it is an acronym for "Local Headquarters" and "Life History Questionnaire".  Who knew?  So the experiment failed.  But I have another idea.  Be right back.

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