Saturday, November 20, 2010

LHQ - Went surfing today

LEFT-HANDED QUILTING - Went surfing today

I went "surfing" today - and found some stuff you might like -

#1 - Joann's® is having a sale - 50% off Rotary Cutting Tools - go check it out!!  I think it ends on the 24th - but I'm not sure.  I found my blue Dritz® rotary cutter on sale for $7.49 and my yellow/green Fiskars® rotary cutting mat on sale for $22.49.  Sure beats full price!!  (I never buy stuff from Joann's at full price.  They always have a sale eventually.)

#2 - A place advertising left-handed scissors.     Left Hand NZ.
They say that their scissors are genuinely left-handed.  I think they might be right!!  Check out the Blue/Orange Harlequin scissors - Code - IMP68-H.  It's about the fifth one down.  It looks like to me that the blue/left blade is on top and the orange/right blade is on bottom.  They might be real left-handed scissors!!  Does anyone out there have a pair of these?  Are they really left-handed?  Let me know!!

#3 - A place advertising left-handed rulers.   Anything Left-Handed - UK
They say that their rulers are "scaled from right to left for drawing lines in the natural direction for a left-hander."  Then it shows a photo of a ruler reading 5-4-3-2-1 with the pencil line going from right to left!!??  If that is for a left-hander - I guess I'm a right-hander 'cuz I usually draw my lines from left to right!!  I put a ruler down - it reads 1-2-3-4-5 and if I want to draw a 3" line I start at "0" and go to "3" and stop.  If I wanted to draw from right to left I would just start at "3" and go to "0".  Why do I need a ruler scaled from 5-4-3-2-1?  Would this ruler actually help any of you?  Do you draw your lines from right to left?  No wonder we are all so damn confused!!

#4 - Then I found a place selling left-handed stuff.  Lefthandersday
Scroll down until you get to the "Left-hander's mug".

It says "It's a left-handed wouldn't understand!"  I LOVE IT!!

And after all the fun I have flipping my rulers - I want a mug that says 

"I'm a Flipping Lefty!"

What do you think?  Should I make one?  Do you think it would sell?

#5 - Then I did a couple of Yahoo searches just for fun.

A - left handed quilter - 336,000 hits
And thanks to Quilting Bloggers - I'm on Page #3 - #27.  Thanks, guys!!

B - left handed quilters club - 133,000 hits
And thanks to Quilting Bloggers - I'm on Page #1 - #4.  Thanks, guys!!

C - left handed quilters association - 185,000 hits
Most of the "Left Handed Association" references were for the "National Association of Left Handed Golfers." (NALG)

Most of the "Quilters Association" references were for the "International Machine Quilters Association."

I think we need to start our very own "International Left-Handed Quilters Association".  (ILHQA)  I know at least two people who would join.  Me and my favorite sister-in-law.  How about you?  Would join?

Talk to you later - gotta go -


Julie Fukuda said...

As a fellow lefty, I find a lot of stuff claiming to be left handed is just right handed stuff all backwards and not much use... for example, scissors that push the blades apart when used by the left hand.

ZOEY🙂 Left Hande Quilter Tasmania, Australia said...

Yes I would DEFINETLY join our own "International Left Handed Quilters Association" & ANY truly Left Handed Supplies, I would definitely want to purchase 🙂🙃


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