Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November already...

(11/16/10 - Imported from old blog - Quilt Bum - no relation to Marianne Fons - and re-edited.)

Damn - it's November already!  I got my Halloweeny tablerunner/placemat thingy all sewn and fused/basted before Halloween - but then I added it to my pile of stuff to be quilted.  I'm going to use it as another practice piece for my free motion quilting exercises.  (I never have to wonder where my UFO's come from - I am constantly adding to the pile.)  But just to prove that I really did sew it - here are a couple of pictures -

Shrunk just a tad - huh?  Even though I screwed up the cutting, I did manage to get a 3-1/2" square out of each patch.  They will all finish to 3" - so it will come out to 12" x 21" without borders.  The next picture is after the whole thing was sewn and fused/basted.  The lighting wasn't the best - so it looks a little faded - but trust me - it looks pretty good!  You can even see the little windmills - cute, huh? 

I'm really loving this pattern.  I like how it goes together - and it's not too fussy fussy - I just have to watch how I cut it so I don't screw it up any more than necessary.  And "no waste"!! - geez!! - the only waste I had was the itty bitty trims caused by my own stupid cutting goof - not from the pattern itself.  (Thanks, Anita!!)  I want to try her "Arrowhead Block" one of these days - after I finish the Black/White/Red quilts for the kids - and some of my other UFO's - and some free motion quilting practice pieces - and a few other things - the list goes on...

Anyway - I also made some headway on the B/W/R - 600 piece project.

I got the accent strips sewn to the smaller segments - sorted into sets of 5 - and then separated into alternating color groupings.  The larger segments are in the pile on the left - all 200 of them.

Then the makings of the half blocks were sorted into 5 separate piles - for 5 different quilts - similar but not the same.

And the first nine blocks of the first quilt - up on the wall - 3x3.  It needs to be 4x5 - so it obviously won't all fit on this wall.  I need to put it up in the hallway - and flip the alternate blocks on their side.  (I forgot to do that before I took this photo.)  The fun comes when I try to rearrange the blocks so that the same fabrics aren't next to each other.  Whenever I do that - it never fails - if I move one - I usually wind up moving a dozen.  I can never move just one - or two. 

 So this may take a while.  Twenty blocks down - only eighty more to go.

Talk to you later.  Gotta go - gotta sew...

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