Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Please Stand By -

Please Stand By - We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties.

Isn't that what the TVs used to show on the screen when they were having problems?  I think so.

Anyway - I've been having problems - 

Right after I posted my "tome" on "Supplies" with all those photos - my printer/copier/scanner/fax decided not to work anymore.

So - we had to get a new one - install it - and learn how it worked.

Then when I was about to take photos for my next post - my camera battery ran out and had to be re-charged.  (It's not like I haven't been using it!)

Then I had to learn how the new scanner worked - so I could scan some drawings I had made and wanted to post.

Then I got a Jury Summons - more fun - so I had to deal with that.

Now - I'm a little off my schedule.  I really wanted to post my "Rotary Cutting - Basics" (chapter?) before Thanksgiving - but I don't even have it written up yet - much less taken all the photos I need to explain what I'm doing.  So I think I will post "Instructions vs. Directions" tomorrow (it's almost done) and then work on "Rotary Cutting - Basics" and post that after the holidays.

Right now - it's time for my nap - so -

Talk to you later - gotta go -

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