Friday, August 12, 2016

So - now what? -

I made a lot some more crumb blocks - and I counted 101 Dalmatians already - so I should probably give some thought to what I'm going to do with them - soon - ;))

I thought that I could maybe set them together using an alternate block -
And dug out my little orange hourglass blocks -

But I didn't think that they looked that good once I put them on the design wall - the orange/neutral was OK - but they seemed too busy for me with nowhere for the eye to "rest" -

I liked the alternating "frame" illusion that the hourglass blocks provided - so I made up another bunch of blocks - this time in dark charcoal gray and muslin -

I would have to watch where the darker bits go so that they don't get lost in the gray - but I kinda like it - it gives the eye places to "rest" and isn't so busy -

OR - I could check my stash for another "orange" to pair with the muslin -

OR - look for another tone-on-tone color -

But then again - I could just sew them together in 4-patches to "up" size them - sash them with something - and be done with it - ;))

So - like I said -

Now what? - ;))

Maybe I'll just "keep on keeping on" and make a bunch more -

Some mindless sewing -

While I practice my Free-Motion Quilting -

Gotta get back to that - ;))

It's not like I have to decide today -

And it's not like it has to be a certain size -

And it sure isn't like I'm EVER going to run out of crumbs - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I really like the dark charcoal version. I didn't see the "frame effect" at all with the orange.

    1. Thanks, Gene - I used hourglass blocks to get the "frame effect" on my "Santa's Sisters" years ago - it's one of my all-time favorite alternate blocks - ;))

  2. I like the darker hour glass blocks, too. What size are the crumb blocks? If they're smaller, I would be tempted to cut solid fabric blocks to alternate with them because I'm lazy and it would use up my scraps quicker ;-)

    1. Thanks, Katie - the crumb blocks are 3-1/2" to finish at 3" - and using solid alternate blocks is a great idea - ;))


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