Monday, June 17, 2019

Edison -

Thomas A. Edison is credited with a great quote - HERE -
I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
And I sure could relate to that - ;))

It was Sunday - and I decided to chase the Kuuipo Squirrel -

So I pulled out a bin with pre-cut 10" squares -

Found a nice set with 34 pieces -

Since I wanted/needed 30 -

That was perfect -

I arranged them on the ironing board so that only the top LEFT corner of each square showed - covering the edges with sheets of white paper - so I could see a mini-version of what the background blocks would look like if I were to put them all up on the design wall -

I was determined not to over-think it - so thought that looked good enough - and labeled each square like a spreadsheet - columns/letters and rows/numbers -

Pulled out the first four Hearts - and arranged them on the background square -

Cutting it a little close with the 1/4" needed for the outside edge - but it looks like it will work - if I snuggle them really close to each other -

Pulled out the next four and arranged them on the next square -

Then decided that I didn't like how the pink on the first one and the yellow on the second one blended in -

So I switched them -

Pink on yellow - much better -

Yellow on pink - much better -

Switching the first two squares didn't seem to mess up the mini-version at all -

So I continued to lay out four Hearts per block - in order -

When I got to the end -

I "kitted" them all up -

One background square and 4 Hearts per baggie - ready to go -

Leaving the first one - that was on the very bottom of the pile -

Gotta watch that 1/4" - but I think it will work -

Decided on the stitch I wanted to use to machine applique the Hearts to the background square and sewed the first block -

And the second one -

Time to test out my seam allowance -

Not perfect - and REALLY close to the seam -

But the back was the deal-breaker -

My presser foot did NOT like sewing next to the Hearts when they got THAT close to the edge -

I tried it again with my "zipper" foot and it didn't like it either -

The Hearts need a lot more "clearance" at the edges -

So - on to Plan B -

What if I appliqued each Heart to a separate background square? -

I laid out the next four Hearts on some squares that I had cut years ago -

And now they look LONELY all by themselves on their own block - LOL - ;))

So I have Plan C - that I'm going to try next -

And - to paraphrase Edison -
I have not failed. I've just found "some" ways that won't work.
I'm sure there are others -

But there is also one out there that WILL work -

I just gotta find it - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Is there any reason that you can't do the first one and just make the background blocks bigger? (other than the need to buy more fabric, of course. LOL)

Sherry said...

Yeah, I was going to suggest the same as Gene did above.

Or the other thing. . if you were going to do one heart per block put the hearts closer to the corners (so that you could get the 4 block look but just on 4 blocks) and then cut down the excess "blank" fabric.

I really like your hearts and look forward to seeing what you finally come up with.

R's Rue said...



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