Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Busy - busy - Part 2 -

OK -

I WAS going to play with these -

But Plan A didn't work -

And I didn't like Plan B -

But I had a Plan C - and a Plan D -
Plan C - sew sashing to each block with cornerstones - using two different colors - alternating between the blocks.

Sew the sashing first - then the Hearts
They would still be close to the edge - but I would only have to cut sashing/cornerstones.

Advantages -
1 - Joining the blocks should be easy.
2 - Should give me a 4-patch in the corners between the blocks
3 - Don't have to cut 30 new background blocks and "re-kit" them.

Plan D - find some FQ and cut 30 BIGGER background squares - ;))
Plan C didn't seem like it was even worth a try after I un-sewed all eight of the hearts from the background squares - they would STILL be close to the edge - so I skipped that and went straight to Plan D - found some yummy batik Fat Quarters -

That would go with the border/backing fabric that I chose years ago -

And then the question became - how big to cut the new background squares? - 12-1/2" seemed like a good number - but I wasn't sure I wanted to commit to it just yet -

And I still needed to finish up the new pages for my Scrapbook - which I did -

Then I remembered that the next batch closest to being DONE was the batch that needs FMQ -

O Happy Christmas -

And Basic Math -

But before I play with Basic Math -

I want to play with my rulers some more -

And then I see the Deep Red Crumb Blocks sitting there - waiting their turn -

But before I play with those - I wanted to finish up the Dresden Plates - pulled them out - and realized that I already DID the quarter plate sections on the rest of them - and all they need now is the final layout and the "centers" fused and appliqued down -

The "twosies" are already on the wall - I just need to fill in the corners -

And then I can do the layout for the Blue/Green Blocks -

And the Autumn Colors Blocks -

And play with the One-Block Wonder Blocks for this one -

And the Blue one - ;))

It was like -

I want to do this - but I really should do this first - but before I do that - I should do this - and it went on and on and on -

So -

I couldn't decide -

And I made two more Summer Breeze strata instead - LOL - ;))

Now I have four sets - that need to be pressed and cut -

But I also have some tops that need backings made -

Then they need to be layered - and basted -

Before I worry about what size to cut the background squares -

For the Hearts - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Cindy Quilts said...

You are busy! And, I do the same thing when trying to decide what to work on! But it's always fun, not matter what project gets worked on.

Sherry said...

Oh my.....I got dizzy just reading your post! LOL

I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Gene Black said...

It is like that inside my head sometimes. "I need to do this, but there is also this, and ooh, that needs done also."
LOL. So we do something else altogether.

another lefty said...

Hilarious! I regularly hop onto the same hamster wheel.


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