Tuesday, May 11, 2021

First -

I did what I WANTED to do - 
And sorted the strips for sets of strata - 
Bali Pops ™ - Butterscotch -
Hoffman Fabrics -
I need 10 sets of 4 - 
So I did it the lazy easy way - 
Peeled off the strips 4 at a time - ten times - 
And put them all - nice and neat - on the cookie sheet - 

Ready to be sewn together -

Then I did what BOB said that I SHOULD do - 
And cut the strips down to the widths that I needed for the binding - 

Sewed the GRAY ones end to end - 
And the ORANGE ones end to end - 

Then sewed the GRAY long strip to the ORANGE long strip - 
Pressed it all - 
And rolled it up - 
For a scrappy "flange" binding - 

The scrappy GRAYs will be the MAIN color - 
And the scrappy ORANGEs will be the tiny "flange" on the inside edge - 
It's my favorite binding method - 
That I talked about - HERE
And should look pretty good - 
So -
I WAS able to do BOTH today - 
And now that I made the binding -
And have a friend who is going to quilt the quilt for me -
I can play with making blocks -
When she sends the quilt back - 
And I have to sew on the binding - 
I'll be ready - LOL - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 



Gene Black said...

LOL... you got to do both. But I am glad you got the binding made. Now the trick is not putting it "somewhere safe" that you won't find again. That is sometimes my problem.

Jennifer said...

I need you to send me some productivity vibes.

Rhonda said...

Sew and getting things done....wow, send some energy my way!!


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