Saturday, May 15, 2021

Testing -

Is just that - 
Testing - 
For TWO things - 
1 - To see if I CAN -
and/or - 

2 - To see if I WANT TO - 
Make a new block - 
If I CAN - without a bunch of hassle - 
Then it's usually a matter of whether or not I WANT to - 
And - in this case - 
I CAN - but NOT without a bunch of hassle - 
So - 
I re-sewed the first four test blocks - 
And they all came out the correct size - 
But the pre-cuts are not cut accurately -
And I had trouble getting them to "measure up" - LOL - 
And - since I got that far - 
I did the next step on one block - 
And "snowballed" one corner - 
I am not a fan of cutting squares and drawing lines - 
So that part was a chore - 
And it didn't come out right the first time - 
So I had to re-do it - 

And - the chances of both  "snowballed" corners matching -
When I set two blocks together - 
Are probably slim to none - 
These pre-cuts are not the best for "precision" piecing - 
And I'm not in the mood to futz with each and every seam - 
Life is too short - LOL - 

So -
I un-sewed them all - 
Into pairs of strips - 
And will check some other patterns - 
To see if I can salvage what I have already cut - 

I have a couple of possible pattern "maybes" in mind - 

So we'll see where I go from here - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 



Gene Black said...

Ha ha.... now you know why I like random piecing with no seams to match.

Katie said...

I don't like "snowballing" either, but my Angler tool helps a lot be eliminating needing to draw lines. A little fussy to get set up, but if you're going to be losing a lot of corners, waaaaaay faster than the pencil method! But with the other troubles it seems this point is moot. Ah well, on to the next thing!


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