Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Potholder #2 - HST -

As promised - 
Here's how to use the LEFT-EZE Rule™
To cut HST - Half-Square Triangles - 

Line up your strip on your cutting mat -  

And trim the edge like I showed you before - HERE -

And - starting at the RIGHT end of the strip - 

Line up the RIGHT edge of the ruler with the RIGHT cut edge - 

With the BLACK triangle at the TOP of the strip - 

The bottom of the strip will line up with the marking - 

That corresponds to the WIDTH of the strip - 

That's the ONLY SIZE you need to know - LOL -
Cut UP the LEFT side of the ruler - 

To cut a second one - 
Rotate the ruler - 
To put the BLACK triangle at the BOTTOM of the strip - 

Cut UP the LEFT side of the ruler - 
There are NO BACK-HANDED CUTS!! - 
BOTH cuts are from BOTTOM to TOP - 
Along the LEFT-SIDE of the ruler -  

I have a tendency to OVER-compensate - 
And usually cut them a smidge too big - 

So I turn the SECOND/VERTICAL/STRAIGHT cut ones around -

And measure them again with the ruler - 
Sure enough - 
It's a smidge too big - 

So I trim it now -
Rather than later - 

Take them both to the sewing machine - 
Turn them over - 
And sew them from the FLAT end - 

Take them to the ironing board - 

Press them open to the DARK side - 

And clip ONE DOG-EAR -
The SECOND DOG-EAR has already been cut off - 
It would have been the tiny piece UNDER the BLACK triangle - LOL - 

Measure them -
And they both measure 2" square - 
Which is the same size as the strip we started with - 

This unit will match the 2" squares we cut yesterday - 
And play nicely with anything else we want to cut from a 2" strip -
Tomorrow I'll play with making Potholder #2 - 
And by the way - 
I took another photo to see if I could get rid of the "shadow" - 
And I did - 

By holding down both ends of the ruler - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Barbara said...

Now this makes good sense! I’m right handed but feel it could make life easier for me too! Nice tutorial.

Gene Black said...

Yes it works nicely - even if I have to turn the ruler upside down to use it right handed. (((grin))) And of course then I have to do what the Lefties have been doing for ages - "just do it in reverse."

Sue said...

That black triangle really comes in handy. I like how the ruler is uncluttered. My favorite thing is, it's the CORRECT way round!


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