Saturday, December 4, 2021

Potholder #3 - QST & #4 - Flying Geese -

Today was one of those days - 
I started to make Potholder #3 - QST -
Got sidetracked with Potholder #4 -  Flying Geese -
And wound up going back and forth between the two - 
So - if you bear with me for a bit - 
And I'll show you how I made BOTH of them -
Using the LEFT-EZE Rule™ - to cut QST and Flying Geese - ;))
First I pulled four 2" strips - 
And layered them four deep - 
Top one - light PURPLE - right side UP - 
Second one - GREEN/WHITE - right side DOWN - 
Third one - dark PURPLE - right side UP - 
Fourth one - GREEN floral - right side DOWN - 

Trimmed the end to straighten it - like before -

Cut a HST - like before -

To cut a QST - Quarter Square Triangle -
Turn the strip - 
So that the cut edge is along a horizontal line on your cutting mat - 

Using the DIAGONAL LINES on the LEFT-EZE Rule™
Line up the cut edge along the bottom of the ruler -
The TEENY BLACK triangle will be in the BOTTOM LEFT corner - 
The long edge of the strip will line up with a DIAGONAL line on the ruler - 
That corresponds to the WIDTH of the STRIP - 
NOTE - I did NOT number the DIAGONAL lines - on purpose - 
because you don't really NEED them - LOL - ;))

Cut STRAIGHT UP the LEFT side of the ruler - 

Rotate the ruler so the TEENY BLACK triangle is on the TOP RIGHT corner -
Cut STRAIGHT ACROSS the TOP of the ruler from LEFT to RIGHT - 
PLEASE note - 
The LONG DIAGONAL SIDE is on the STRAIGHT edge of the STRIP - 
That's the difference between a HST and a QST - 
QUARTER-SQUARE triangles are used for SETTING Triangles to keep the edges of an "on-point" quilt on the STRAIGHT of grain - so they don't stretch.  If you used HST on the edges - the DIAGONAL would be on the BIAS - and that's not what you want - LOL - ;))

I only had enough left to cut one more HST - 
So I did - LOL -

Then I laid out all of the pieces to see what I had -

And that's when I forgot what I was doing - LOL - 
I realized that I was missing some "wings" on my Flying Geese - 

And remembered a "trick" to cut the COLORS that I WANT - 
ON THE SIDE that I WANT them to BE -

For the ones above - 
I need some GREEN/WHITE ones on the RIGHT - 
And some PURPLE ones on the LEFT - 

And layer the fabrics that you want - 
With the RIGHT one - RIGHT SIDE "UP" - 
Which leaves the LEFT one - RIGHT SIDE "DOWN" -

Same with these two - 

Trim the edge to straighten it - like before -

Cut some HST - like before - 

Lay them out - 

 Match them up -

Then I remembered - 
That I wasn't making the Flying Geese one - #4 - YET -
And that I needed some QST for Potholder #3 - LOL - 

So I grabbed some more strips - 
And layered them four deep - 
Top one - GREEN/WHITE - right side UP - 
Second one - light PURPLE - right side DOWN - 
Third one - GREEN floral - right side UP - 
Fourth one - dark PURPLE - right side DOWN - 

Cut a HST first - like before - 

Turned the strip - like before - 
Cut the QST - like before -

Since these were short strips - 

I didn't have enough to cut another QST - 

But I did have enough for a HST - 

So I cut one more of those -

QST - I only had four - 

And needed more than just four - 
So I grabbed more strips - 
And layered those four deep - 
With two sets of fabrics - RIGHT sides together - 
And cut them like before - 

I didn't have enough to cut a last HST - 

So these went in the "scrap" pile -

And I had three more sets of four QST - 
For a total of four -

They were already paired up - 

RIGHT sides together - 

So I took them to the sewing machine - 

And sewed them together along the SHORT sides - 

Starting at the FLAT/STRAIGHT end - 

When you press them open - 
The one on TOP will be on the RIGHT - 

And there will be ONE DOG-EAR at the corner to be trimmed -

Match two units - nesting the seam -

And sew them together -

They should measure 3-1/2" square - 

And have TWO DOG-EARS to be trimmed - 

One at the TOP LEFT corner -

And one at the BOTTOM RIGHT corner -

Four of them together -

Will nest nicely if you "spiral the seam" -  
A trick I learned from a book by Billie Lauder - years ago - 

The four together measure 6-1/2" -

And that's Potholder #3 -

Then I realized that I already had the Flying Geese ones cut for Potholder #4 - 
So I might as well sew them together - 
And make that one, too - LOL - 
So - sew the RIGHT "WING" to all of the QST - 

Press it open - 
And add the LEFT WING - 

Flip it over when you take it to the sewing machine - 
So you don't start sewing at the "pointy" end - 

Press it open - 
And it should measure 2" x 3-1/2" - 
With TWO DOG-EARS to trim - 

Sew two of them together - 
With the "Flying Geese" on the top - 
So you can see the "tip" - and can hit that point - 

Press them to the top unit -

And lay them out -

Sew them together in rows - 

Then sew the rows together - 

It should measure 6-1/2" -

Like the other ones -

So that's the first four Potholders - 
Tomorrow I'll try to add the border strips - 
And finish them up - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

I think we got a bonus "Flying Geese" lesson in this one - thanks to your -detour- from HSTs.

Rajani Rehana said...

Super blog


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