Thursday, September 1, 2011

August UFO Update

August UFO Update - 

Hey - I managed to get TWO of my UFOs out of Stage 7 - YAY!!

Judy picked #7 for August - 

So I had my choice of these FOURTEEN UFOs - 

 Stage 7.  Need Block Construction - Partially Done - etc.
  • Floral Applique
  • Kuuipo
  • Kimono Girl
  • Blended Quilt
  • Watercolor Vase
  • Batik Dimes
  • B/W/R - Red Stripe
  • B/W/R - Black Cosmo
  • B/W/R - Multi
  • Woodland Lei - pillowtop - peach on rust batik
  • Pineapple - pillowtop - green on muslin
  • WSong - to Stage 6 - 8/20/11
  • Scrappy Star Block
  • Scrappy Tripping - to Stage 6 - 8/4/11

I got WSong up to Stage 6 - Need Top Construction - Layout - Borders - etc.
I got the top together - and the inner border is on - but I still have to add the outer border before I can move it up to Stage 5.  Need Back - Sleeve - Binding - Label - etc.

I can't show you photos because it's a surprise and the surprisee reads my blog - I think - but maybe not - but - JUST IN CASE - I can't show you until I give it to her/him. (Note - BOB is a baby boomer.  She doesn't "gift" things - she "gives" them away. ;))

AND - 

I got Scrappy Tripping up to Stage 5 -

I showed you already -
but I'm going to show you again -
'cuz this post needs at least one photo - ;))

Now - for September - Judy has chosen #11 - 

Let's see - that means Stage 11 - 

I have my choice of these FOURTEEN UFO's - 

Stage 11.  Prepped - Pre-washed - Pressed - Ready to Cut - etc.
  • Ties
  • Salt Water Taffy
  • Taxi
  • Willow
  • Fairy Frost Confetti
  • SSCQ
  • Suzanne
  • Mama's Garden Quilt Kit
  • Fudge Brownie - Wall Hanging Kit (2)
  • Spring Blue & Yellow
  • Double Peony Table Topper
  • Hearth & Home Wall Hanging
  • Summer Lotus

Again - FOURTEEN choices - 


Eenie - meenie - miney - moe - 

Hmmm - .

Decisions - decisions -   ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


  1. HAHA--I like that you have choices for each number drawn! (Maybe I should try that my UFO list is so long--and you need something to work on that you are in the mood for doing). Congrats on your finish even without the photo!

  2. Those UFO lists would totally confuse the heck outta me but congrats on finishing some projects. Love that colorful top.

  3. You sure have been busy - and got your list updated as well. Good for you. Glad you are seeing accomplishments. Judy C in NC

  4. What a great way to break up your list. That would work well for me too, since I like to have multiple projects going at once.


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