Thursday, September 15, 2011

QJ - Floral Applique - Part I-A

QUILT JOURNAL - Floral Applique - Part I-A

We started with the Butterfly block -
(Eucalyptus with Monarch)

In my post "About This Blog - And Me" - I told you a little of the story -

The first block had a leaf - long and skinny - curved to the left.  She showed us how to start at the bottom of the leaf and sew up the right side on the outside curve of the leaf.  We were to stop at the point on the top so she could show us how to turn it before we sewed down the left side and inside curve.  Great!!  I started my leaf at the bottom - went up the left side and hit the inside curve first.  I showed her my problem and she said, "Oh, you are left-handed!  I cannot help you."  Terrific!  I had been there before.  I told her "Never mind, I'll figure it out myself.  Show me how you do your colors."  I learned everything she could teach me about how she chose her colors - how she shaded her roses - everything except how to sew the block.  Those blocks are at the very top of my UFO pile.  (I did manage to figure out the applique sewing stuff on my own and that is going to be one gorgeous quilt when I get it done!!  Stay tuned.  I'll show you when I get there.)

So this is the block I was talking about - 
See that leaf on the top on the right side - 
That's the leaf I was trying to sew - 

Here's a close up of the left side -

And the middle - 
The yellow flowers are mine - 
The orange one was made by Ellen Heck - 
She let me KEEP it!! - So I USED it!!

The butterfly is "reverse" applique and embroidery

Not bad for a first try - 

Not bad for a lefty - huh?


Editfolt said...

You're very clever you are. Really like these flowers. I love the flowers. Did you get my letter to the merriment exchange / fabric / Cd /?

Mad about Craft said...

So frustrating when you are told that you can't be helped because of the hand you use. Any teacher worth their salt should think about both right and left handers!

Judee said...

OK, everyone is pointing me to applique' so I am giving in. LOVE this project. Are those flowers silk or fabric? Love the butterfly.

Gari in AL said...

I think Alex Anderson, also a lefty, has books and maybe even a video on how to do applique, and a bunch of other stuff, left handed. When she was on TV the guest would show how to do something and then she would show how to do it left handed. Great to have a left handed teacher/guide.

Julie Fukuda said...

Not only can you figure out the applique and do it beautifully, you can tutor hard-headed leftys in the intricacies of computer communication.

Angie in SoCal said...

Not bad at all!! You are right - that is going to be one beautiful quilt.


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