Monday, September 12, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 9/12/11


OK – now I can FINALLY show you the rest of  this one -

I made it as a surprise for "My Other Half” aka “Dad” aka “Grandpa” -

So I could only work on it when he was OUT OF THE HOUSE–

I couldn’t very well do it while he was HOME –

Who knows when he would stroll down the hall to see what I was doing –

No- he had to be GONE!!


The sound of the garage door going up was my signal that he was back HOME –

and that gave me JUST enough time to stash “stuff” before he walked in the door –

One time, though - the sound startled me and I jumped –

Boy – I tell ya - you have NEVER seen me move that FAST!!  ;))

Anyway – it’s done now –

Kinda –

It was going to be a Christmas present –

But I gave it to him early –

Just the quilt top – (44 x 56) -

So that he could decide if he wants it larger –

If so - I can always add a border or two –

If I had “finished” it – It would have been too late to change it –

See!! – UFO’s ARE good for something!!

But – he likes it the way it is –

So – I just need to finish up the rest -

Which should be MUCH easier now ‘cuz I can work on it any time I want - 

and don’t have to HIDE what I’m doing!!

Besides - now I can show you guys, too!!

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


Katie said...

Lucky you - you have a garage door to warn you! I worked on a quilt for my hubby last year and had to wait until he left town for a week (for work) and scramble!

The quilt is beautiful - I love the colors. How large is it? What will your hubby use it for?

Katie M. said...

Quite simply - awesome!

Judee said...

Very nice! Glad you don't have to hide it anymore.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Katie - The top is 44 x 56 - crib size really - but big enough to toss over his shoulders if he gets chilly while sitting at his computer.

And thanks, guys -- but the pattern designers - Lucy A. Fazely & Michael L. Burns (mentioned in one of my previous posts) - deserve all of the credit!

I would never have thought to put blocks together like that with a panel print!! They designed it - I was just lucky enough to find similar fabric - and then managed to get it sewn together the way they said.

I did do a good job, though, huh? ;))


Bea said...

This quilt top is just wonderful! I really like the colors you put together for this. Surprize quilts are such fun...your hubby is so lucky.

Editfolt said...

Very beautiful! Special quilts, beautiful colors.

marslaura said...

Oh my gosh, I just purchased this panel at my LQS on a whim with no clue how exactly I'd use it. Then when I clicked on this link to your blog and seeing in the thumbnail a picture of a beautiful block with a panel image in it's center I was intrigued thinking of the many panels I have just screaming to be cut up and sewn together into something....anything! Since my mind can't seem to keep on any one track these panels are all left to the drawer of one days'. Now this has given me inspiration as well as something to aspire to. I hope to send you a picture of my panel being something other than it's current original state,

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks - glad you like it. Do a search on my blog for "Wolf Song" - the rest of the posts should come up - ;))


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