Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Question Tuesday - 9/6/11

Two Question Tuesday – 9/6/11

Here's the deal - I really liked Mama M.'s Five Question Friday - but that's just too many questions for me.  So I'm going to do my version - and without the linky thingy.

I'll ask two questions and then give you my answers.  If you want to play - you can give me your answers in the comment section.  If you have a blog and would rather answer them there - just leave a link to your blog instead. I don't know how to do the "Linky" thing like Mama M. yet - and to be honest - I would rather sew than find out - so I'll do it this way until I figure it out.

Two questions for you this Tuesday -

1.  Would you rather be beautiful or smart?
2.  Do you have "STARTITIS"?


1.  Would you rather be beautiful or smart?
Smart.  Both would be nice – but that is pretty rare – so I would vote for “smart”.
Of course, if I was “rich”, too – I could probably buy some “beautiful”, huh?

2.  Do you have "STARTITIS"?
ABSOLUTELY!! A SEVERE case of it, too - good thing it's not FATAL!! ;))

Last Thursday – Chris (Shared Creativity) was talking about “STARTITIS” -

I left a comment and added my two cents -

I have it too! Although not fatal - it is very contagious and has some serious side-effects. Countless UFOs - orphan blocks - fabric stashed all over the house - patterns and books and ideas galore - and scraps - scraps - and more scraps!! I have the "secondary progressive" type - the second I start one project - I'm thinking about another one!! ;))

I forgot to add –

Symptoms include starting numerous projects - pre-washing fabrics - pressing - folding - cutting – sewing – and LOTS of GUILT for not “FINISHING” said projects.

The only known cure – “FINISHITIS” - involves quilting and binding –
and usually comes in monthly doses known as “UFO Challenges.”

Oh - and by the way -

If I remember correctly –
My UFO list at the beginning of the year totaled 64.

At last count –
I had finished 8 -
Added 4 –
And now have 60.

After Judy picked #11 for September –
I realized that I had TWELVE more to add to my list –
Stage 11.  Prepped - Pre-washed - Pressed - Ready to Cut - etc.

That makes a new total of 72 –



Wanna bet I can make it an even 100 by the end of the year??


OK - your turn.

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

#1 - Seriously? Does being beautiful include being thinner???? if that's the case, I'll pass on smarter because sometimes ignorance is bliss. If I can't be thinner while being beautiful, I'll just stick with being smarter :-)
#2 - Probably a mild case of startitis - I rarely start a project without finishing it before moving on. My biggest issue is putting my own projects aside while I quilt for QFC.


Rose said...

Damn Google, this is the second time I have tried to post this! So, if the first post arrives, please disregard.

1) My response is purely hypothetical since I am neither beautiful nor smart, but if I were given a choice, I would definitely choose smart. I've heard it said that beauty is only temporary, but stupid is forever.

2) I am the poster child for Finishitis and also have Startitis which is a double whammy.

Karen M said...

I would rather be smart. Beautiful can get old and wrinkly, but smart never does.

My startitis gets off to a slow start. I get a great idea, usually when I see some fabric I absolutely MUST have. The fabric then finds its way into my stash, and the next time I see it I can't remember what my great idea was. I don't even get to the wash and iron it stage.


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