Monday, September 26, 2011

QJ - Floral Applique - Part I-D

Design Wall Monday - 9/26/11

QUILT JOURNAL - Floral Applique - Part I-D

Then came -
Bird’s Nest with Roses – 
Here is the "Bird's Nest" part prepped for hand applique -

Leaves/Berries - 
I got the block cut out and prepped for hand appliqué -

and then I worked on the Irises -

Ellen helped me with the colors and shading of the petals -
The center of the one on the right is slightly padded - 

Close-up of the top left side -

There's another blue "rolled" bud -

The "over/under" part of this block was even more fun
than the Morning Glories - ;))

And the snail - don't forget the snail -

By the time I finished this block -

I had spent EIGHT months - 

Made FOUR blocks - 

And prepped TWO more.

I was TIRED of applique -

The rest of this sucker would have to wait until I retired –

So -

I stopped working on it in September 1997 - 

And I let it sit - 


Katie M. said...

I have only one thing to say "ambitious!"

Editfolt said...

The shell of the sweetest.

A csiga a legédesebb.

Mad about Craft said...

Love the snail - very cute!

Rose said...

The shady is gorgeous and I love the rolled buds and the snail.

Angie in SoCal said...

This is such beautiful applique!

Donna said...

Very pretty, but I know what you mean about burning out on applique.


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