Sunday, September 30, 2012

QJ - Tax Season '93

QUILT JOURNAL - Tax Season '93

Machine pieced
Hand quilted
59-1/2” x 53-1/2”
Started - January 1993
Completed - August 1993

From a great book My Other Half bought me for Christmas 1992 -
Anita Hallock’s "Scrap Quilts Using Fast Patch" - (c) 1991

The split nine-patch block was made in sections –
Left, right, and middle – seemingly chaotic -
But it all came together in the end –
Just like tax season!!

The "section" technique was new to me back then -
Almost 20 years ago -
So making all of the "lefts" first was just plain weird - ;))
Now we think nothing of it -
And it's a basic block construction technique -
I wonder how blocks will be constructed in another 20 years - ;))

County Fair - August 1993 -

Won an honorable mention -

This quilt has been given away -
So I was unable to take new digital photos of it -

These are scans of the photos in my scrapbook -
They are not the best -
But they should give you an idea - ;))

Tax Season '93 - front - on wall -

Tax Season '93 - back -
The appliqued heart on the back is covering a flaw in the fabric -
You can barely see it in this photo -
It's a bit to the right of center -

Tax Season '93 - close-up -

Scrap card -

The following Christmas I found a necktie for My Other Half made from the same border fabric – turned out to be his favorite – it went with every shirt he owned.

I told you that story - here - and - here -

As an added extra -

If you were to see this quilt in "real life" -

I have a challenge for the viewer -

Can you find the unwanted pairs?

No square was to touch another square of the same fabric –

But I goofed x 4 - ;))

QJ - 1993

Hint: the sets are
(1) navy -
(2) dark pink -
(3) floral -
(4) cream with pink hearts

Answer - (row-column):
(1) 7-21 & 7-22
(2) 9-6 & 9-7
(3) 10-1 & 11-1
(4) 18-15 & 18-16


  1. I didn't even try to find the spots you may have made unwanted pairs! I sometimes say if you are going to look at it THAT close it better belong to you---or be a quilt judge, LOL. I will just say that it is a very pretty quilt and hope that the person it was gifted to has enjoyed it.

    I have some of that blue floral fabric around here someplace---or I did. Hard to say where it might be now. Popular print---there may have been a pink background one or one that was similar that I made into a dress. Long gone now.

  2. That is a fabulous pattern. Love the quilt and how you quilted it.


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