Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday status check -

Looks like my photos are back -

Don’t know when they came back -

Don’t know why they disappeared -

Don’t know where they went -

Just know that when I checked again -

Just for fun -

And clicked on the “Insert Image” icon in Blogger -

That my Picasa Web Album was a choice once again -

At least until NEXT time - ;))

SO -

That means that I can show you -

What I have been up to lately - ;))

I’m still working on the back of the first B/W/R quilt -

And the experiment seems to be working - YAY!!

My Other Half helped me set up another folding table -

To the right of Lily -
Which is set up for quilting with her even-feed foot -

With my pressing board -
And SuzieQ - set up for piecing -
Both at sit-down height - ;))

All I have to do is choose the “chunks” -

Stitch them together using SuzieQ -

Press and pin the “chunk strip” to the BASE -

And then switch to Lily -

To sew them together -

And quilt some LONG straight lines -

Working my way from the center out to the edge - ;))

Rinse and repeat - ;))

It seems to be working - YAY!!

BUT it takes time because the BASE is HUGE -

And the stitching lines are LONG -

And my quilting lines are about 3-1/2” apart -

But I’m no real hurry -

And I’m having a REALLY good time - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Glad your pics are back. I guess sometimes we just have to shut it down and walk away. It usually does fix itself. Usually. Sometimes. ;-)
    And those "chunks" are lookin' good!

    1. Thanks, Linda - who knows where they went or why - or when they will go again - haha - ;))

  2. I know some of mine disappeared when I put them private---and the only thing I have in there is my blog pictures which are public. Turns out I am in google plus but make sure that I keep the blogger profile up or that messes up commenting. Goofy, I know.

    Looking good on your project! I bet you feel like you have been wrestling a bear by the time you are done for the day. Not being in a rush to complete it is wise, in that case.

    1. I think that Google and Blogger play a game of hide and seek every now and then - my "Insert Image" icon on Blogger usually gives me a choice of sources for my photos -

      From my blog -
      From Picasa Web Album -
      From my phone -
      From my webcam -
      From a URL -

      But for some reason only the Google/Blogger computer techie gremlins know - I kept getting a pop-up with some crap about "Google Drive". Maybe it was a bug - I don't know - and I don't really care. I just wish that they would LEAVE IT ALONE - IT AIN'T BROKE - and the more they mess with it - trying to "improve" it - the more I prefer sewing to blogging - ;))

      And my project is coming along nicely - I forgot the part about the stitching rows getting shorter as I work my way out to a corner. I'm not in a hurry - but the sooner I can finish - the sooner I can play with the box of "squirrels" that you sent me. Thanks, again!! - ;))

  3. I still can't figure out why things take vacations when you are trying to find them. But, as you know, I am no guru. It looks like you have everything arranged in a comfortable fashion for working.

    1. I wish the techie gremlins would take a permanent vacation - but I'm sure they will be back soon. I read a lot of blogs and not one mentioned the problem I was having - so who knows what happened - or if it will happen again to someone else. But I won't be surprised if "Google Drive" becomes the next big thing - I think that I may have had a quick sneak peek by mistake - we'll see - ;))

      My room arrangement seems to be working quite well. Now if I could only figure out how to make the whole thing quilt itself - that would be great - haha - ;))

  4. I cannot insert pictures to my blog posts now :( When I click the insert photos icon a white screen comes up, but nothing else happens and I have to close my post.

    1. I am SO sorry to hear that - ;(( Mine is working (for now) - so who knows Google/Blogger is "improving" this week - UUUGGGHHH!!! - ;((


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