Friday, January 10, 2014

So where was I ??? -

It got to be around the end of the year -

And I took a quick inventory -

Floral Applique -
After 16 years - TOP IS DONE - HERE -
This one has its own page/tab up top - ;))


LHQSQ - Left-Handed Quilter Sampler Quilt -
After almost 2 years - TOP IS DONE - HERE -
This one has its own page/tab up top, too - ;))


Sudoku Quilts -
October - Halloween - cut and kitted
November - Thanksgiving - cut and kitted
January - Winter/Snow - cut and kitted


4-Patch Stacked Posies -
Started in September 2013 - HERE -
A photo of the last block is scheduled to “go live” on Wednesday - 1/15/14 -


Easy Street - HERE -
LAST YEAR’S Bonnie Hunter Mystery -
Is on the other design wall in the hallway -
Just waiting it's turn to be out -
Front and center - ;))


Celtic Solstice - HERE -
I finally decided on Christmas colors -
And I need to decide where to put my BLUE - ;))


And then there’s -

Another scrap quilt that I want to make -
Samantha Claire - HERE -

And all of my favorite UFO’s -

And all of my other Works in VERY Slow Progress -

And all of my other TuiTs - ;))

So -

I had My Other Half help me move around some drawer units -

And set up a folding table - ;))

I wanted to try an experiment -

To see if I could get some of my stuff QUILTED -

And off my UFO list - ;))

I had a plan -

But needed to tidy up a few loose ends first- ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. You've been busy.... and looking at what you have planned - ambitious, too! I was looking at blogs this morning and was tempted to join in a QAL and decided to have a talk with SELF and SELF convinced me that I needed to finish up a few (actually, a lot!) of things before I got involved in any other commitments... Sometimes SELF can be so boring..

    1. Haha - you should check my RULES page -
      the "other" Katie - at katiemayquilts - has one -
      Don't let UFOs get in the way of starting new quilts!

      And if you want to join a QAL - at your OWN pace - you could always try my LHQSQ - absolutely no pressure - one block at a time - they are listed on the page/tab at the top of my blog - just sayin' - haha - ;))


I love reading your comments -
they let me know that I'm not just talking to myself - ;))

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