Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 1/14/14

Here’s to the makers of coffee grinders -

May they rethink the design just a bit - ;))


Santa brought me a VERY nice new toy -

A Krups Coffee Grinder -
Model F-203 -
With GREAT reviews - HERE -

That he found at a local store -
For HALF the online price - ;))

It’s EASY to use - ;))

You take the lid off -

You put some beans in the top -

Put the lid back on -

Plug it in -

Press down on the lever -

For a few seconds -

At a time -

Until it’s the way you want it - ;))

Then you unplug it -

Take/wiggle the lid off -

And the oval shape makes pouring the ground coffee -

Into whatever container you have handy -


If you are Right-Handed -


Since I am LEFT-HANDED -

I have to turn it around -

And -

The cord is in my face -

Which tells me -

That there were no LEFTIES on the design team - ;))

Now don’t get me wrong -

I understand why they designed it that way - ;))

If they put the cord -

On the OTHER side -

They would probably get complaints -

Like mine -

From those who are RIGHT-HANDED - ;))

But why discriminate? - ;))

Why make it awkward for LEFTIES only? - ;))

If they put the cord -

On the END where the lever is -

Opposite the pour “spout” -

It would be in the way - kinda -


When you pressed the lever -

But not when you tried to pour - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


  1. Maybe it's time to get on line to the corporations; do a "contact us" and make the suggestion - who knows? Maybe they'll redesign the grinder and send you the new grinder!!!

  2. Must be designed by the guy who made my iron ... either right handed or never irons anything!

    1. Through the years I have had my share of right-handed irons - but I prefer those with the cord coming out of the CENTER of the back end. I think that is a MUCH better design - ;))

  3. Is there any way that you can email or write them about this. Center makes sense for everybody, right or left.

    1. KatieM suggested that - and it IS in the center - of the BACK - to THEM - ;))


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