Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 1/14/14

Here’s to the makers of coffee grinders -

May they rethink the design just a bit - ;))


Santa brought me a VERY nice new toy -

A Krups Coffee Grinder -
Model F-203 -
With GREAT reviews - HERE -

That he found at a local store -
For HALF the online price - ;))

It’s EASY to use - ;))

You take the lid off -

You put some beans in the top -

Put the lid back on -

Plug it in -

Press down on the lever -

For a few seconds -

At a time -

Until it’s the way you want it - ;))

Then you unplug it -

Take/wiggle the lid off -

And the oval shape makes pouring the ground coffee -

Into whatever container you have handy -


If you are Right-Handed -


Since I am LEFT-HANDED -

I have to turn it around -

And -

The cord is in my face -

Which tells me -

That there were no LEFTIES on the design team - ;))

Now don’t get me wrong -

I understand why they designed it that way - ;))

If they put the cord -

On the OTHER side -

They would probably get complaints -

Like mine -

From those who are RIGHT-HANDED - ;))

But why discriminate? - ;))

Why make it awkward for LEFTIES only? - ;))

If they put the cord -

On the END where the lever is -

Opposite the pour “spout” -

It would be in the way - kinda -


When you pressed the lever -

But not when you tried to pour - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


Katie M. said...

Maybe it's time to get on line to the corporations; do a "contact us" and make the suggestion - who knows? Maybe they'll redesign the grinder and send you the new grinder!!!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Wouldn't that be something?!?! - ;))

Julie Fukuda said...

Must be designed by the guy who made my iron ... either right handed or never irons anything!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Through the years I have had my share of right-handed irons - but I prefer those with the cord coming out of the CENTER of the back end. I think that is a MUCH better design - ;))

Linda J said...

Is there any way that you can email or write them about this. Center makes sense for everybody, right or left.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

KatieM suggested that - and it IS in the center - of the BACK - to THEM - ;))


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