Sunday, January 12, 2014

The experiment continues -

Then I realized that I goofed -

Funny thing - the quilts came out to 68 x 84 -

So I got five TWIN-size bedspreads - 80 x 96 -

Figuring that I could add a six-inch border on each side - ;))

BUT the tags say FULL - 96 x 108 -

So each quilt would need -

Another horizontal row at the bottom -

And another vertical row on one side - ;))

I figured I could "unsew" quilt #4 and #5 -

And add those blocks to #1 - #2 - #3 -

To get them up to size - ;))

SO I "unsewed" #4 -

Got it into 10 sets of two blocks -

Then I pressed the sets -

And laid out the first top on the bedspread -

With a "still-to-be-attached" extra horizontal row at the bottom -

And some of the sets of two blocks along the side - ;))

Guess what? -

It doesn't NEED extra rows -

The tag is WRONG -

It's only 80 x 96 - the TWIN size!! - ;))

The original six-inch border on all sides should be plenty!! - ;))

So now I have to sew #4 back together -

Because I think that I have enough fabric -

For the fronts AND backs of all five again -

But I won't be SURE -

Until I finish the first three - ;))


Then I changed my mind -

After stitching down one seam of the top to the FRONT -

And seeing the stitching line on the BACK -

I realized that all of those seams would be covered/hidden -

When I sewed the chunks onto the BACK -

And all of the BACK seams would show on the FRONT - ;))

So I decided to do it backwards -

Flip-and-Sew chunks diagonally to the BACK -

Turn it over and stitch down the top to the FRONT -

Flip-and-sew some borders -

Trim it up -

Bind it -

And DONE!!

At least that's the plan -

With five them to do -

It may take me a while - ;))


Then came New Year’s Day -

Happy New Year!! - ;))

I heard the saying about what you do on New Years Day -

Is what you do the rest of the year -

So I made sure that I got some sewing done that day - ;))

I was still on the first/center strip of the first B/W/R back -

And it was taking a while -

But mostly because it was/is so HUGE -

And no matter what I did - it was DRAGGING - UUUGGGHHH!!! -

So I switched out my old White/Jeans machine -

Which was set up for FMQ -

Then "in-the-ditch" -

And put in my Husqvarna/Lily 555 -

And her special even-feed foot -

Hoping that THAT would work - ;))

After I took a break -

Lily seemed to want to play nice -

So I finished the bottom half of the center strip -

And decided to tackle one of the sides in the morning -

Hoping that it would go faster -

IF she continued to cooperate, that is - ;))


But then I had to deal with some ”ducks” instead - ;))


At some point I will take inventory and update my UFO list -

And I probably have more now that I did a year ago - ;))

I have a head full of ideas for scrap quilts -

And projects for my strips -

I have jelly rolls and charms and layer cakes and books -

And sooooooooo many UFOs -

But first I want/need to tackle -

That big pile of stuff to be quilted - ;))


AFTER I figure out what Google did with my Picasa Web Album -

Where my photos went -

What the hell "Google Drive" is -

And how Blogger wants me to upload a photo -


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda said...

HAHAHA Happy New Year!!! Best laid plans and all that!! Keep hanging in there.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda - and it ain't over yet - ;))


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