Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Deep Red Crumb Squares -

The other day I issued a Crumb Square Challenge - HERE - to see if anyone was willing to try making their own version of my Crumb Square quilt top -

My layout is a simple re-do of something I had seen on AllPeopleQuilt -
HERE - Inspired by Stamp Of Approval from Designer Tonya Alexander (EyeCandyQuilts - blogspot - com)

Two of my friends have accepted the challenge so far -

Gene Black - Quilter, Weaver, Artist in Alabama - posted what he was playing with HERE -
Gene worked up some nice variations in EQ7 -

And -

Julie Fukuda - My Quilt Diary - posted about her project HERE -
Julie does ALL of her sewing BY HAND -

I LIKE where this is going - ;))

These two quilters are VERY talented and VERY creative -

It will be fun to see how they take this challenge and RUN with it - ;))

As for me -

I got the Deep Red "alternate" square sashes sorted out in sets of four -

And the sections all sewn together -

But only got one actual "block" sewn today -

Tomorrow I should be able to get the rest of them together -

Then it's on to making more "crumb" blocks - ;))

Won't you join us? -

It's VERY addictive and a LOT OF FUN!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sherry said...

I love the way your blocks are turning out....and initially was going to jump on the bandwagon. But with working full-time and having some other obligations I will not be able to get something done quickly.

But I will be watching to see what others come up with.

And I may get something going on when I get more time.

Julie Fukuda said...

The red works very well. I think I like it better than the cheddar so will keep an eye on the progress.
I have 11 blocks done but have yet to decide which color to use as background. I likr the dark purpleish black but the weave is rather loose and I wonder if it will go well when joined together.

Gene Black said...

I like the red background very much! I think it will look amazing. I suspect this project will be a "slow quilting" project for me. Ha! it may turn into one of those "multi-year" quilts that I make.


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