Monday, December 6, 2021

Potholder - Binding -

I cut my Potholder binding at 2" - 
And prepped it the same as I would for "regular" quilting binding - 
Then sewed it to the back of the potholder - 
Starting in the corner that I want to be the "top" of the Potholder - 
And sewed the corners the same way - 
I would if I was binding a quilt - 

When I got around the last side - 
And got to the "beginning" - 
I pulled the binding on the first side away from the potholder - 
And stopped sewing just short of the binding sewn to the first side - 
Flipped it over - 

And pinned down part of the first side -
I'll top-stitch it down with a decorative stitch - 

And miter the corners - 
When I get there - 

When I get to the end - 

I'll sew right off the end - 
And keep going until I run out of binding strip - 

But for now - 
I need to pin the binding down - 

And decide which decorative stitch I want to use - 

To sew it down - 

Then I'll sew it - 

And show you how I do the "loop" -

Tomorrow - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 

1 comment:

Gene Black said...

Am I right that when you keep going until you "run out of binding strip," that it enclosed the raw edges of that piece?


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