Monday, September 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 9/5/11


Remember when I said I took a hand-applique class way back when??

The one where the little German lady said to me –

“Oh, you are left-handed!  I cannot help you.”

That one??

Well – that UFO was/is at Stage 7 – Floral Applique -

And I should have worked on it last month –

But I didn’t.

I got side-tracked by who knows what – good intentions and all that - doesn’t matter now.

Anyway - when Judy picked #11 for this month –

I got to thinking – (Yeah – there I go again – headache time! ;))

Because my Stage 11 stuff is -
Stage 11. Prepped - Pre-washed - Pressed - Ready to Cut - etc.

And Stage 10 is –
Stage 10. Cut and Needs to be Pieced - Not Started Yet - etc.

All I really have to do this month is CUT SOMETHING to get it up to Stage 10!!

I can do THAT!!

And then – I can work on the other one – right??

It’s partially done –

It’s BEEN partially done since 1997 –

I’ve been kinda working on it – on and off – mostly off – for FOURTEEN years –

Maybe it’s TIME!!

What do you think?

Of course – I could leave it for another six years to make it an even twenty.  ;))
(Inside joke for those of you who have been following BOB lately.)

Anyway –
I haven’t worked on it much since I showed you this rose last month –

But – here’s the bird’s nest -
I really like the fabric I found for the speckled eggs - 

This a REALLY BIG project for me –

LOTS of hand-work -  

LOTS of little fiddly pieces –

VERY time-consuming -

But I can’t let it overwhelm me –

I just have to bust it down and do one part at a time –

After I decide which part - ;))

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


  1. What's the old stitcher's saying? Yard-by-yard anything's hard; inch-by-inch it's a cinch! Good plan--take it one part at a time! :)

  2. Hey, I think you're doing beautifully on the rose and the bird's nest. If you'd like to see a method to conquer those little pieces go over to Kay MacKenzie's back basting tutorial(just put that phrase in google search and it should pop up). It sure helped me!
    Looking good!

  3. Altogether now....We can do it! Yes we can!


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