Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ketchup - Part 3

Playing Ketchup -

One post at a time - ;))


Here I was -

All ready to post another Ketchup episode -

But Picasa isn't cooperating with me - ;((

I loaded some new photos to my Picasa Web Album -


But they don't show in the album -

And I don't know how to post them to my blog -

If they don't show up in my album - ;((

The maximum used to be 1000 photos per album -

And I hit that with my last post -

So I thought that it would "hiccup" like it always does -

When I hit the max -

And then sort itself out -

But now it says that the limit is 2000 -

So there should be no problem loading another 6 photos -

BUT THERE IS!! - ;((

I loaded the photos like I always do -

Went to "organize" them so that the newest ones show first -

So that I can FIND them -

And the photo count says 1006 -


So I did it AGAIN -

And now the photo count says 1012 -


So this is a photo-less post -

And I'm annoyed -

And don't want to mess with it any more - ;))

I don't know how to fix it -

So I'm going to have to think of something else to try -

Or wait for it to fix itself - ;((

In the meantime -

I'm going to SEW - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Sometimes it is totally frustrating. I added a picture to my blog post three times. It still didn't show in the Compose window...I previewed the post and it was there three times....I finally got it fixed but it certainly was annoying.

    1. Frustrating for sure - I finally worked it out - and have a post ready for tomorrow - but it took me a while - ;))

  2. So sorry to hear about your photos. I don't know the program Picasa so I can't help you. I hope someone will or that Picasa will see the problem and fix it for you (as you are probably not alone in this situation). Good luck. Enjoy the sewing ;^)

    1. Thanks, Chantal - I finally figured it out - but I would have much rather spent the time SEWING - ;))

  3. LOL Oh my I've done that too many times to count. What I've learned over time is: They're there! But they're in another folder that you would not think they should be. And once you find them you'll wonder how the heck they got there. Good luck on your search. ;o)

    1. I never did find them - maybe someday - I just made a new "album" and put them there. Hopefully they will still be there when I go to add some more - we'll see - ;))


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