Saturday, March 14, 2015

Something else I learned -

I learned that phone scammers are SCARY!!! - ;((

I screen ALL of my calls -

So when I got a call from the "IRS" the other day -

It went straight to the answering machine -

And when I played it back -

It was all about how I owe the government $$$ -

And that the situation had to be rectified IMMEDIATELY - ;((

The guy gave me his name and badge number -

VERY official sounding -

VERY threatening -

VERY scary -



The "IRS" will not just call people "out of the blue" -

They will send several notices in the mail first -

So don't answer the phone -

Let it go to the answering machine -

Or let it go to voice mail -

Or just hang up if you DO answer -

And then report it to the authorities - ;))

I made a note of the information on the "caller ID" -
Which was also probably bogus -

I made a note of the time of the call -

I made a note of what was said -

And then I called my phone service provider to report it - ;))

They took what information I had -

And gave me another number to call -

Similar to the "Do Not Call List" -

But for "Unlawful" and/or threatening calls - ;))

When I called the second number -

They took my information as well -

And gave me the number of the "REAL" IRS -
Also available on the "official" website -

And said that the Federal Trade Commission and FBI -

Are trying to shut the buggers DOWN!!! - ;))

The sooner the better -

If you ask me -

A call like that could give someone a heart attack!!! - ;((

Good thing that BOB knows something that the phone scammers don't -

BOB knows that her taxes are PAID -

And that the scammers are full of CRAP!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

I wish these fools would find something useful to do! I'm like you, I screen all my calls. I never answer the "toll free" calls, or ones that don't have a name of the person calling and I don't recognize the number. Then there are the ones that look like surveys.... I've filed quite a few complaints with the "do not call" website about calls that go 'dead' or are automated... They tend to stop once I file the complaint....

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I wish these fools would get harassed by the authorities like we get harassed by them!! And imagine how wonderful this world could be if they would use their "talents" for "good" instead of this crap - all of that creative energy going to waste - and they are VERY creative - ;))


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