Thursday, March 12, 2015

Learning new stuff -

I like to learn new stuff -

It’s FUN -

Except for some computer stuff -

Which can be more frustrating than fun at times -

But be that as it may -

While I was NOT blogging lately -

I learned a whole lot of stuff - ;))

I learned that I could NOT blog for a whole month -
AND that my followers would still follow me -
Thank you - one and all - ;))

I learned that my blog “Pageview Stats” are virtually meaningless -
AND that the bulk of my “Audience Stats” are from Russia -
AND that they are not REALLY “Pageviews” at all -
BUT just “bots” -
Also known as “Referrer Spam” -
AND that they are not actually viewing my blog -
AND that I can’t stop it -
BUT that I simply have to ignore it -
AND that I should NEVER click on ANY links to ANY “Referring Sites” -
Just to be safe - ;))

I learned that if you get a new subscription to a magazine -
You are usually offered a free issue -
AND a free special gift edition of something else -
BUT if you already subscribe to that same magazine -
You don’t get anything but a bill for the subscription - ;))

I learned that some magazines are available “digitally” -
“For my convenience” -
So that I don’t have to wait for the paper version -
AND so that they don’t have to print it and mail it to me -
Saving them $$$ -
AND I get to print it myself -
Using my own printer paper and ink -
Which costs ME $$$ -
In addition to the subscription price - ;))

I learned that some magazines publish “original” blocks -
AND that some of those same blocks can be found in EQ7 -
BUT with a different name and different colors - ;))

I learned that when I buy a new die -
I can pretty much guarantee that a short time later -
That die will go on sale for MUCH less than what I paid for it -
AND that 10 points for a review amounts to only 20 cents -
So FIVE reviews is a whole dollar in reward money -
Wow - what a deal - ;))

I learned that my husband’s email account was hacked -
AND that his “contact list” was stolen -
AND that the hackers sent an email -
To everyone on his “contact list” -
BUT the joke is on them -
Because those of us on his “contact list” -
Know something that they don’t know -
We know that he died last year -
AND is not likely to be the one emailing us - ;((

I learned that any month that starts on a Sunday -
Will have a Friday the 13th in it -
Like tomorrow -
If you do the math -
AND I think that that is pretty cool - ;))

AND I learned that I can get a whole lot more sewing done -
If I could/would stay off the computer - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

The hackers have apparently been quite busy. A lady a church was hacked and many got emails saying she was "stuck in the Ukraine" and needed money to get home. Anyone who knows her at all would not fall for that one.

Gene Black said...

It is always good to learn new things.
Whew! this year is flying by. I have to get started on my quilt for the quilt angel project soon.

Katie M. said...

Oh yes all those companies that are going to 'save' you money and when you look deeper you realize just how much you'll end up saving - Nothing! Then there are the companies that are going to give you the 'special' pricing for the during the 'trial' period.... but if it's a trial, shouldn't you be able to opt out when it's over??? I can't tell you how many people I know that got that HUGE bill because they forgot to 'opt' out..... So many catches, so much fine print, and sometimes a whole lot of questions that should be asked before signing .... Yes, the older I get the wiser I get, now if I can just remember what it was I became wiser about.....

Linda said...

You're welcome. --- From one! ;o) And thank you for teaching me a thing or two too. Especially about those "pageviews". One less worthless thing I need to spend my time checking on.
Now if I would just get off this puter and work on something worth working on .....

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

The hackers are relentless - and some of their Spam is really obvious - but it doesn't hurt to be skeptical with the "strange" ones - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I'm with you, Gene - I can't believe that it's MARCH already!! I have to get my Churn Dash quilt top together - hopefully for your Quilt Angel project - if it turns out to be "presentable" - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Amazing how EASY it is to get signed up for that stuff and how IMPOSSIBLE it is to turn it OFF!! And the older I get - the more I don't have the patience for the absurd. That's probably why BOB gets so ticked off at times - and loves to rant - ;))

Example of the absurd - I had a driver's license renewal one time that had a phone number on it to call if I didn't receive the renewal within a certain time frame - BUT the number was on the part that I had to SEND IN with the check - so if I hadn't made a copy of the stub and my check - out of habit - I wouldn't have had the number to call when I had the cancelled check and no license - because it was on the part I mailed in - NOT on the part that I was to keep for my records - absurd - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda - for being ONE!! - ;)) I used to check my "stats" daily - it was fun to see how many "pageviews" I had - and where they were coming from. I noticed that a lot of them were coming from Russia - but I figured that's where the "widgets" live and didn't think much about it - until the day I found that I had 600 pageviews - all at 9:00AM - WOW!! 600 - that's a LOT!! When I checked the "Audience" - they were ALL from Russia. I checked Blogger Help forums to see what other bloggers had to say about all of the "hits" from Russia and found out that they are ALL fake - so I have stopped checking them. It's a bummer - but it gives me more time to do other stuff - like SEW - ;))


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