Saturday, May 12, 2018

Downstairs - Upstairs - Part 2 -

The 36 blocks were put up on the design wall -

In no particular order -

Just alternated Downstairs - Upstairs -

Then I moved the last column on the right to the first column on the left -

To see if Upstairs - Downstairs would be more pleasing to my eye - ;))

They are both symmetrical and they both look good to me -

But I kinda like the Upstairs - Downstairs better -

And I don't really know why -

Unless it's because the corners look more "finished" to me -

And don't just go off into nowhere-land like the first one - ;))

What do you think? - Do you like one better than the other? -

If so - why? - ;))

I may or may not fiddle with switching the blocks around -

Sometimes I think that it really won't matter - and if the colors are lumped together - oh, well - it will look just fine - "blendy" in spots and "pops" in others -

And I have two extra - if I want to play with rearranging them - ;))

The patches are only 1" square so the blocks measure 6-1/2" and will finish at 6" -

Which makes this 6x6 layout only 36" square -

I could make it 10x12 for a 60" x 72" -

But that would need another 84 blocks -

And I have other Squirrels that I want to chase -

So I don't think this one is going to get any larger -

At least not today - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

I see it, Too! The second version has complete diamonds with the way the center diagonal goes, the first one does not. So if you're a more OCD person, that unfinished edge is like an incomplete sentence. (Sometimes I'm that person and sometimes I'm the one who sews stuff the oddball way just because I can!)

Karen M said...

I agree with you. The corners look more finished in your second version. This is looking great.

Gene Black said...

I agree that the second one looks better. You are right about the corners "leading to nowhere." One of the artists that I studied with said that you should never have lines that go out at the corners as it takes the viewer's eye out of the piece.
The second version keeps the eye on the quilt and makes you want to look at it.

Kathaleeny said...

Love the second one too. Now I know why. I have a 1" ST started too but only one block. It's hanging next to my cutting table and taunts me every time I see it.


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