Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Quilted -

Upstairs/Downstairs is quilted -

And I figured out how to lighten up the photos taken with my old/old camera - ;))

First I quilted some "base" lines in every third column/row -
Then I decided that it needed MORE quilting -
But it didn't need to be quilted "to death" -
So I went back and stitched a line through EVERY column/row -
Some of the lines are more "organic" than straight - but that's OK with me -
I like how I managed to bypass all of the seams in each corner -
And how it makes the one inch squares look like they are even smaller -

But - the side effect is that all of those corners sort of POP UP in your face -
And some show how they don't quite line up - sigh - ;))

The grid looks pretty good on the back side, too -
I used the coral colored thread in both the top and bobbin -
And it shows up nicely on the black -
And sort of disappears on the coral spacer strip -

What you CAN see is crooked because the backing didn't line up perfectly -
But I'll pretend that I didn't show you that - ;))

Tomorrow I'll play with the binding and the label -

So I might - just might - have a FINISH this month - LOL - ;))


BOB and I had some more thoughts on this new GDPR -
Which stands for - General Data Protection Regulation.

I have already put a blurb on both blogs that my "store" will be closed until I figure out what I need to do and how to do it. In the meantime - on this blog - I also took down the page with the link to my other blog - and I set the other blog to "private".

BOB wants to post something like this -

Regarding this new GDPR Privacy Policy - Yeah, I collect some personal info - namely your name and address - I need that so I can mail you the ruler you ordered. If you send me a check - my bank will get that info when I deposit the check - and I have to keep a copy of both your invoice and your check for my accountant and the taxing authorities to prove that it was a legitimate sale. If you pay by PayPal - I don't have any of your credit card information - that's between you and PayPal. If you leave a comment on my blog - you can delete it at any time - because Blogger/Google will keep it indefinitely. If you email me - that will also be kept indefinitely - and both Yahoo and Google gave themselves permission to read my emails - so don't say anything that you don't want them to know. I don't save contact information to give or sell to others - and I don't send out "newsletters" or mass emails for "buy me" crap - but I may send you a Christmas card. I think that about sums it up - but I probably need to put all of that in some sort of "simplified legalese" in order to comply with the new regulations - LOL - ;))

And this privacy thing goes both ways -

Blogger hasn't been sending my comments to my email lately and today they automatically published a spam comment about Viagra and Jakarta - something that Blogger should have caught but didn't. It somehow got past the "I am not a robot" thingy - and that makes me nervous. From what I have read - since I AM a business - I need to post a "Privacy Policy" and make it easy to find - a separate page/tab will fix that - BUT in that "policy" I have to list my "physical address". My address is a matter of public record - BUT Mr. Viagra/Jakarta may not have that info now. He most definitely can find out VERY easily if I have to post it on my blog for all to see!

Makes me want to just close up shop - MY privacy is at stake here, too - and MY privacy is just as important to me as the privacy of my customers - and I don't want/need strangers knowing MY personal information either! That's why I try to keep my personal stuff to myself and off my blog - and stick to "quilty" topics. I don't give names of family members or friends or share their personal information and/or drama - that stuff is not my circus - not my monkeys - and none of my business - or yours.

At this point I don't know whether to close up shop altogether - or just stop selling/shipping Internationally - that might be the way to go. If I had a "staff" and/or some "tech support" to help me with this - it would be easier - but it's just me and my dog - and he's not much help - LOL - ;))

I repeat - my "store" will be closed until I figure out what I need to do and how to do it. In the meantime - on this blog - I have taken down the page with the link to my other blog - and I have set the other blog to "private".

So - until further notice -

I am no longer "in business" -

And this is a personal blog - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

The quilt looks great - wiggly lines and all (I date you to find a quilt that was not quilted by a computer that has all straight lines!). It means it was made by a human, but will keep you (or someone) warm, imperfections and all. And it's DONE!!! Good luck with the blogger compliances...seems my personal blog is probably okay...for now...

Julie Fukuda said...

Your quilting solution looks like a great idea to me ...as I hand-quilt in the ditch through seam allowances every few inches. And,though a few of my corners do not meet perfectly, it wou ld have been a lot worse had I tried to do it by machine. I am sick of all the changes blogger keeps making every time I get to where things are almost figured out. It sure was nice having comments come to my e-mail. Do you think that might be possible somewhere down the road?

Jeanna said...

The quilting looks very nice and straight lines are overrated :)

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but it doesn't.


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