Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring Cleaning -

I've been doing a little Spring Cleaning -

But - just so you know -

My version of Spring Cleaning -

Is sorting through stuff -

And shredding some old files - ;))

I am NOT into the "Marie Kondo" thing -

Side note - BOB thinks it's funny that people have just discovered it now that it has been on Netflix - when her book has been out for years - LOL - ;))

Anyway -

I'm much more into another method described by
Hannah Martin in her article -

A Maximalist's Response to Marie Kondo's Minimalist Mandate
Architectural Digest - January 29, 2019 -

Her article is terrific -

Especially the last part -
Emphasis added by me -
Those big piles of garbage might add to the before-and-after, reality show appeal, but so much of Marie's approach goes beyond purging: it's about appreciating your objects and living with things you love. Perhaps the lesson for maximalists is this: take your possessions, hold them in your hands, thank them for all they've done for you and then put them right back on the shelf where they belong.

I call it the KonMaxi method.

Hannah is a lady after my own heart -

I think we could be friends - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Julie Fukuda said...

Oh, I do like that one ... and it might come in handy as my #2 daughter (a Kondo fan) is talking about a visit this summer. I like having a place for everything and everything in it's place ... after I finish using it... or figure out where the best place is.

Gene Black said...

Thanks. I am totally embracing the KonMaxi method.
The other is like telling your parents "Thanks, I am grown. I don't need you anymore so you will never see me again."

Sherry said...

Oh, I like KonMaxi. . . .it sounds like it is the perfect balance between minimalism and Hoarders.

So that is what I will shoot for. . . .now if I could just get my husband on board!

He's got 4 copy paper boxes of paper to shred. . .had them sitting in the living room for a week; recycling goes out tonight. What does he decide would be a great thing to do today??? Go fishing!

Then after fishing he will come home & watch reruns of Maine Cabin Masters or Bargain Mansions, or Building Alaska. . some of which he was seen 4 times. And the boxes of shredding will sit for another 2 weeks.

He has never read Marie Kondo's books. . . but his previous wife was a hoarder so I guess he is just used to having junk around. . .but it is driving me nuts!

Oh well. . .guess until I can retire & just do everything myself I am stuck.

Have a lovely day.


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