Monday, November 1, 2021

Layouts -

For my Halloweenie Interweave
Halloweenie - 
By Robin Kingsley -  
Maywood Studio - 
(40) 2-1/2" strips - 

Interweave - 48" x 56" -
Designed by Marlous Carter -
Timeless Treasures - Free Pattern - HERE
And more layouts - 
All look the same after a while - 
But there are minor changes in each of the following - 
Trying to mix up the colors - 

And the "weave" - 

So I didn't see "bars" in sections - 

And had enough contrast from one strip to the next - 

Better - 

But still not right - 

And I was getting tired by this time - 
So I thought I was done -
When I got to this one - 
But then I didn't like the two BLACK pieces on the ends - 
So I moved one - 
And a couple more - 
Because I can NEVER move just ONE - LOL - 

And then called it DONE -

There are a couple of strips that bother me - 
And I could move these around for a week - 
And still not be happy with the layout - 
So it is what it is - 
I still have borders to add - 
So it's "mostly" DONE - LOL - ;))
In other news - 
We have a new addition to our family - 
She went to the store with her Mom - 
And got a pretty pink bed - 
A pink collar with a bell -
And some toys -  
That she can play with when she gets bigger - 

Echo is not quite sure what to make of her yet -

And we haven't named her -

We thought of "It" -
For Halloween -
But that really doesn't seem appropriate - 

And "Missy" - 

But I'm not fond of either of those - 

Any suggestions?? - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

I think the interweave will be fine however it comes out.

What a darling kitty! Ha ha, you could call her "Kitty" or "Miss Kitty." My cat, that I had for nearly 20 years was also black and white. He had a "mask" too. I called him "Bandit."

Barbara said...

I’m with Gene. The interweave will be fine as long as it, ummmm…weaves!
The new family member is adorable. Somehow I feel Echo will be more accepting than our Seamus who just wants to play with our two kitties. They are seniors so they have no interest, but Seamus is young. He paws at them with his strong paws, so they go into hiding. It’s not a good situation but I keep trying!

Katie said...

Oooooohhhhhhh! KITTEN!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ She is an adorable little princess! I can't believe she was asleep at the store and not terrified. Brave little girl! As for names, how about Ramona? (Loved those books as a kid!) Or Anna? (Pretty name for a pretty girl!) Oh, wait, there's a quilt there, too... I see what you mean about fussing with it until the end of time. It'll be fine!

Jeanna said...

Our sweet feline looked very similar to your new family member. Her name was Sadie...what a sweetheart. A few family members called her Sadie Bell...LOL.

I'm with everyone else, I think the layout looks just fine :)


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