Monday, November 8, 2021

Taking inventory -

Today I thought I would take "inventory" - 
To see which project is in which stage of completion - 
And try to get them a bit more organized than they are now - 
I think I have projects in every room in this house - 
Except the bathrooms - 
Since I even have one on the island in the kitchen -

And a bunch that need binding - 
"Resting" on the back of a chair in the family room -
Under the last two tops that I recently finished - 

I moved the one from the kitchen island to the sewing room - 

To sort through - 
Along with the stuff on the cutting table - 

And the stuff next to the ironing board - 

The project on the cookie sheet is the Biggie Size Interweave -  

The "test strip" is done - 
So it's ready to cut and sew -

In my house - 
If it's a flat surface - or closet -
It probably has a project or two on/in it - LOL -;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 



Gene Black said...

Flat surfaces tend to be that way in many homes. I know it happens in mine.

Barbara said...

No boredom in your house! 🤗

Jeanna said...

You are reminded in every room that there is an opportunity to be creative :)

Sue said...

It's the same here.


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