Saturday, November 20, 2021

Refresher -

I got this far - 
And then forgot how to join the ends - LOL -

I swear - 

Sometimes I don't remember - 
And have to go back to the source - 
So I did a search and checked my blog for the post - HERE
And found the Youtube video - HERE -  
But I didn't get a chance to watch it - 
I do remember, though - 
That I don't fold the corner the way she did -

I find it easier to fold the "bottom up" with my left hand - using my left index finger to make the miter fold in the corner - then fold the side of the binding over on top of it - and hold it all down with my right index finger as it goes under the needle - stop with the needle down in the corner - and pivot - the presser foot doesn't get caught in the fold because it is on TOP of it - if that makes sense - and continue down the next side -

And there won't be a binding clip in sight - 
I won't need any - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 



Sue said...

Takes a left handed to figure it out!😉😉😉

Gene Black said...

That is certainly a bit different than how I join the strips. I have almost always used a mitered join. Once I learned the way to be sure I had the fabrics aligned properly, it has worked really easily every time.

Jeanna said...

I use a mitered join like Gene. I still get a bit anxious and never cut the fabric before making sure I have everything turned the correct way.


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