Monday, November 29, 2021

Potholder - Prep & Test -

You can make these blocks - 
And/or this potholder - 

Using any method that you prefer - 

But I'd like to show you - 
Just how EASY the LEFT-EZE Rule™ is to use - ;))
I also have a series of tutorials - HERE
Written a while back - 
That you can read at your leisure - ;))
I designed the LEFT-EZE Rule™ 
To cut HST - QST - Flying Geese - Squares - and Rectangles - 
From 1/2" to 6-1/2" wide - ;))
If you're trying to follow a pattern - 
And it tells you what size the STRIP should be - 
You're good to go - 
That's the ONLY size you need - ;))

If your pattern gives you a "finished" size - 

For HST - just add 1/2" to get the STRIP size - 

And don't worry - there's NO MATH involved - 
I have a size chart - HERE - that you can use - 

For QST - and Flying Geese -
It even has a section to tell you which STRIP SIZE you need - 
If the pattern says to "cut a square"with 1/8" markings - ;))
Anyway - 
For demonstration purposes - 
I'm going to make some blocks - 
For some potholders - 
Using some PRE-CUT strips -  ;))
You can make them any size you want -
And use jelly rolls - 
Or fat quarters - 
Or your scraps - 
Or yardage - 
As long as you PRE-CUT your fabric into STRIPS first - ;))
For the first block - I'll be using some 2" strips -
And before we go any further - 
I want you to TEST - 
Take 2 scrap strips 2" wide by at least 2-1/2" long - 

Layer them on top of each other - right sides together - 
Using the LEFT-EZE Rule™

Line up your strip on your cutting mat - 

And - starting at the RIGHT end of the strip - 
Turn the ruler on its side - 

And trim the end to make it straight -  

Then line up the 2" line at the cut edge of the strip - 
NOTE - The 2-1/2" line is the one between the 2 and the 3 - LOL - 
I didn't "label" it because I didn't want to garbage up the design - 
And I figured you guys were smart enough to figure it out -

Make sure the line is ON THE FABRIC - not on the mat - 

Cut straight UP the left side of the ruler -

Sew the two squares together - 
And press to the DARK one - 

Then MEASURE them - 

They SHOULD measure 2" x 3-1/2" - 
We already know that they are 2" tall - 
So we're actually just measuring the WIDTH - 

I put the sewn squares on the cutting mat - 
So that you can see that my camera puts a shadow on the LEFT side -
And that makes it look wrong - UGH - 
But the 3-1/2" vertical line is on the RIGHT side - 
And it DOES measure 2" x 3-1/2" - 
Here it with another ruler - with the same shadow on the LEFT side -

If they don't measure correctly -

Either you cut it wrong - 

Or your seam allowance is off -
NOW is the time to FIX it -  
So - try it again - 
Or until you are satisfied that it comes out the correct size - ;))
Then gather some 2" strips - 
If you want to make some blocks/potholders "demo" size - 
And we'll PLAY tomorrow - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 

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Gene Black said...

I have a good light over my cutting table so that I can "see past" those pesky shadows. But in photos, it still shows up. I expect yours is the same.


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