Sunday, November 28, 2021

Holiday side-step -

Before I check my stash for fabric for potholders - 
I thought I would try making some napkins - 
So I found a set of 12 fat quarters - 
Enough for 6 double-sided napkins - 

There are plenty of tutorials on the internet - 
So I found one I liked - 

And made a "test" napkin - 
Cutting my squares at 14" - 
Except for the back of this one - 
I cut it short - 
So BOB told me to "splice it" - 
Unless I wanted to make 5 napkins - 
Instead of 6 - 
And who wants/needs 5 napkins - LOL - 

So I spliced it - 
And you can't really tell - 
Unless you know to look for it - LOL - ;)) 

 I have all of the 14" squares cut out - 
And paired up - 
So I can use them as tweens* - 
While I play with my LEFT-EZE Rule™

And make some potholders -
If you're LEFT-Handed - 
And don't have a LEFT-EZE Rule™ yet -

You're cutting stuff the HARD way -
I have been told - 
And have to agree - 
That it is a "game-changer" - LOL - ;))

If you want to play along - 

As I make some potholders - 

I'll show you how to use the ruler - 

And how to make some nifty little blocks - 

It should be fun -
And you only have to make ONE block - 
For a potholder - 
PLUS - I have extended the FREE shipping - 
Until the end of the month -
So - 
If you want one - 
And you know you do - LOL - 
Or if you want something nice for a LEFT-Handed quilter - 
On your gift list - 
Order it before Wednesday -
To take advantage of the FREE Shipping - 
As they say - that's an $8.75 value - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta - gotta sew - 
*NOTE: -
"Tweens" - some people call them "leaders and enders" - 
but that's a mouthful and much too long to say - 
besides - I sew them be"TWEEN" other stuff - 
so that's what I call them - LOL - ))


Gene Black said...

Ha ha....thanks for explaining "tweens" - I was thinking "between projects."

Katie said...

Five napkins would have been just fine growing up - two parents and five kids. But then again...two brothers and a dad could either mean no need of napkins (they have sleeves!) or more (boys are messy)? The fabrics seem perfect, too!

Barbara said...

They all would work, 5,6, or any number. I would just make ‘em without counting them. Numbers usually just ruin things for me. Oh, and I still say “Leaders and Enders”, but that’s just me always doing things the hard way!


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