Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More testing - Leaves

So I fiddled with the size of the leaves -

They seemed to be a little too big -

Next to the other leaves in the center block -

Maybe they needed to be a bit smaller - ;))

I tried another size -

Put the larger ones on the left -

And the smaller ones on the right -

And I think the smaller ones on the right look much better -

LindaJ and I were “talking” the other day -
And I gave her a preview - ;))
Glad you like it!! Yeah - if I use the smaller leaves I will need more of them - but that's not a problem - I don't really care how many I need - I just want it to LOOK good - and I think the smaller ones will definitely LOOK better. I've invested so much time in this top already - a few extra leaves won't matter - ;))

More leaves, of course - but more colors??? I was thinking of just the three because I have about a yard of each and they are multi-shaded versions of the same print. I used the yellow/gold/brown and the green/gold in other leaves and the orange/red/rust in the roses of the "bird's nest" block - so those fabrics have been used before and will tie in to the rest of the quilt. I could use some of the other greens that I used in other leaves - but if I'm going to assembly-line them - the fewer fabrics I have to deal with the faster it will go - in theory at least - ;)) Here's a close-up photo of the fabrics - aren't they gorgeous?? - ;))

Then -
I fell in love with those fabrics way back when - gorgeous color changes - all in one panel. I still have some of the other "leaf" fabrics that I used in some of the other blocks. ALL of the fabric that I used in this quilt has been segregated for YEARS - so that I don't accidentally use it for something else. It won't hit the scrap bin until this sucker is DONE - haha - ;)) So I also have the fabric that I used in the HST - that was what I was thinking of when I said MORE colors - ;))

Since I will probably need hundreds of leaves -
I’m going to start with just the three fabrics -
Then decide later if I need to add more colors - ;))

A little more testing -

And I should be able to start cutting -

Like I told LindaJ -
I want/need to work out all of the possible "problems" before I commit - probably an occupational hazard - I spent my entire career trying to figure out what could possibly go wrong so that I could avoid problems with the IRS and clients - now it's just part of ME - ;)) After I figure out all of the piddly details - I'll work up a little mini-version to see if it works. The border fabric that I'm using says 1997 on the selvage - and it's not likely that I could replace it if I screw it up - unless you or the "other" Linda have some in your stash - ;))
Maybe I'm over-thinking the whole thing -

But I REALLY don't like surprises - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. The leaves look great. I'm with you when it comes to surprises and I set fabric away that way too.

    1. Thanks, Julie - I still have some more testing to do - so stay tuned - ;))

  2. So let me see if I have this right.... you are sitting there staring at your design wall while you're "working out all of the possible "problems". heehee
    I think that is so much more productive than what I do when I'm sitting and staring at my design wall. I'm just sitting and staring. HAHAHA

    Seriously, looks like you have this leaf thing all nailed down. Yay!!

    1. Oh, I stared at the wall for a LONG time before I even got to the "leaves" part - the border curves and vines and corners were NOT cooperating there for a while. After I stared them down and got them to talk nicely to each other - I started to consider the "leaves". Still have some more staring - pondering - testing to do - it's not quite nailed down yet - ;))

  3. Does Accu quilt have a leaf die? Just wondering...

    1. Yeah - they have several - and I have most of them - but they're not the right size - or they waste too much fabric. I would have to apply the fusible to the fabric before I cut them - and some dies only have one or two leaf shapes - so I would have to cut the fabric to cover only those shapes - and if I have to cut the fabric before I cut the leaves - I might as well just cut the leaves - right? - ;))

      I think I have another way to do it - drawing them on the fusible and cutting them by hand - but hardly any waste of fabric. If it works in "real life" like it works in my head - I will show how I did it. Might even show you if it doesn't work, too - haha - ;))

  4. You never know about my stash or my mom's as people donate stuff here and there and she often shares too. Sometimes it is like how much can you stuff in your suitcase and take back so I don't have to mail it. LOL. Still I know there are things in there that I did NOT buy--that vintage even.

    1. OK - do you (or your Mom) have any "Moda - Marbles - (c) 1997 - Patrick Lose" in dark gray and/or light gray??? If you do - hang on to it - I might be asking to trade you for it if I screw up - ;))


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