Sunday, February 26, 2012

My New Chair

Got this baby at Walmart -

Comes in all kinds of colors -

The seat -

Is a TRACTOR seat - ;))

And large enough -

To fit my larger than usta be-hind!!

I got tired of my old chair -

Sitting so low -

That -

Even WITH a pillow -

“The Girls” rested on my desk -

(Had to call them “The Girls” -
Not sure if you can say “BOoBs” -
On a blog - or not - if you can’t -
We can just pretend that BOB -
Spelled her name wrong - ;))

Anyway -

This chair goes up much higher than my old one -

And it slides/glides on the laminated floor -

Real well -

Sometimes a little TOO well -

Gotta make sure I hold onto the sides -

When I sit down -

Or it’s liable to leave without me! ;))

I LOVE IT!! ;))

And - it’s RED!! ;))

I couldn’t show it to you -

Before I showed you Orca Bay RED -

Didn’t want you getting any ideas - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

It looks pretty, but is it comfy to sit in after a while? Not being padded seems like it could be a drawback...but I like it! And I giggled about your girls. (My old chair was probably that low, but my "girls"...well, they're the only part of me that can still shop in the girls complaints, though!)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Katie - it is VERY comfy - I had to go back to look at your new chair - didn't look like it had a cushion - but guess it does. Tractor seats aren't padded to my knowledge but guys seem to be able to sit them for quite a while - so I took a chance - and I LIKE it!! ;))

Katie M. said...

I'm thinking I may have to visit Walmart! I have the 'traditional' rolling office chair and sometimes I use pillow to raise it higher. Love the red, BTW

Kelli said...

Ahh, red is my favorite color! LOVE the chair. Looks comfy and kind of modern, even tho it's a tractor seat. Great find! :o)

Jen said...

My train of thought: No cushion? Well, that's ok, I can't sit still for more than about a minute, anyway! I love your new chair! I wish my "better half" would tolerate such boldness!!!! Maybe someday....


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