Sunday, February 19, 2012

Orca Bay - 2/19/12

So now I have a GIANT 9-patch on the wall -
And all of the "string blocks" seem to be going the "correct" way -
(If they weren't - it would be easy to fix - ;))

At this point -
With 28 match points -
I can either sew it together in rows -
Or columns -

If I sew it together in rows -

Row 1 - Match three seams twice
Row 2 - Match one seam twice
Row 3 - Match two seams twice
Row 2 to 3 - Match eight seams once
Row 1 to 2/3 - Match last eight seams once

If I sew it together in columns -

Column A - Match three seams twice
Column B - Match one seam twice
Column C - Match two seams twice
Column B to A - Match eight seams once
Column C to A/B - Match last eight seams once

Either way - doesn’t really matter -
Same number of match points -

Personally - I prefer columns -
It just seems to help keep it straight in my head -
If I sew it together the same way that I see it up on the wall -

I like to start at the bottom of the column -
Sew two "chunks" - A2 to A3 -
Then add the next one to the top - A1 to A2/A3

It seems logical when I have pressed A2/A3 -
To just add A1 to the top - right sides together -
Pin it - match the three seams -
Sew it -
Put it back up on the wall -

Take down B2 and B3 -
And repeat the sequence -

And - to me -
My “chunk” method just seems easier -
Than the “standard” method of sewing 9 rows -
And trying to match 8 seams each time -

The size of the "chunks" seems more manageable -
Than trying to wrestle the "whole" thing -
When you add another row -

Anyway -
My opinion -
And just How I Do It -

Now it needs one more border -
And I can call this top DONE!! ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

1 comment:

Katie M. said...

I may have to try your chunk method. I screwed up a quilt royally by doing it in rows - long story..... Love the way your Orca is coming together.


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