Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Orca Bay - 2/7/12

So - I plastered something up on the wall yesterday -

So that I could link up with everybody -



It is just Waaaaaaaaaay TOO BUSY for me - ;((

Absolutely NO reflection on Bonnie or her quilts -

I LOVE her quilts -

And I LOVED her “Christmas Lights” quilt
That I made a couple of years ago -

But THIS quilt -
In THESE colors -
And MY fabrics -
With all of the STRING blocks -
And all of the “MOVEMENT” -
Is just TOO BUSY for me -

So I played with it -

And played with it -

And -

I STILL don’t like it -

So I pulled off all of the RED -
And got back down to the BONES -

I DO like the Black/White star blocks -
And I like how MY version extends the black stars -
So I’m keeping those for sure - ;))

Put the blue string blocks back -
Nope - still too busy -
Plenty of movement without them -
And I lose my star points -

I DO like the white/neutral geese -
Framing the white blocks -
Really makes the extended black stars shine -

Back to the cornerstones -
Try the blue strings again? -
Nope - still too busy -
Sorry - no blue string blocks in this one -

I do like the extra shot of color, though -

What about some red? -
That is a possible maybe -

What about some black? -

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Candace said...

Wow you're really putting a lot of thought into your Orca Bay Bones. I'm not exactly sure if you have decided on your plan yet, but you sure have some lovely options.

Candace said...

I thought I left a post, but I don't see it. Anyway, just wanted to add that I think any one of your layouts would be lovely, but strangely enough since it is the plainest, but I think I'm partial to nbr. one.

Linda said...

NOW you're cookin'!! White geese - yes. Blue strings - NO. Black or Red squares - no. Red star centers - YES!! YEs! Yes!

Katie said...

I like the no string blocks version. The red in the corners is probably my favorite. The black is too dark and draws my eyes to it. Maybe a dark grey instead if not the red? But you're getting there...what will you do with the leftover pieces?

Katie Z. said...

I like the no string blocks with the white centers.


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