Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Orca Bay - 2/8/12

What about some blue? -

What about some more wings? -

And so it went -

Until I finally decided to go back to the original plan -
Bonnie’s version -
With the red geese framing the black blocks -
For now -

But I still don’t like it -
So this one will be little -
Wallhanging - 3x3 -

Sewed some more wings onto the geese -

Not perfect -
But they will have to do for now -

Got those up on the wall -

It’s only a very small version -
But I still needed twelve more geese -
Two geese per one red string block -
Six more blocks -

And I had -

You guessed it -


I was ONE short -

As usual - ;))

So - I cut and trimmed up one more -
And put them all on the wall -

Needed ten more blue string blocks -
Found the basket -
Put them up on the wall -

Made some more wings -
Added them to the wall -
And had SOMETHING to post on Monday -


It's not REALLY what I have planned - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

You and your constant manipulations...I'm so lost now...I have no idea what you'll turn out, but one of these days I hope you tell us you're finished because I'm dying to know. (Okay, maybe not dying to know, but this sore throat sure isn't helping the feeling!)

TDJ said...

I think it is looking wonderful. I had to set mine aside for a little while and work on something else, I was getting a little crosseyed with it.

Thank you for you comments on my blog, yes my free motion is much much better and I did notice that it was effected by my mood. Next time I will pick a smaller project. My hubby says it isn't soft enough, men just cannot please them....LOL.


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