Friday, February 24, 2012

Studio Organization & Fabric Storage Tips

You ever come across a site/blog -

Doing something -

That you ALREADY did??

Well -

The other day -

I ran across a new section at The Quilting Gallery -

Called The Learning Center - hosted by Pat Sloan.

Welcome to the newest section of the Quilting Gallery site, The Learning Center, hosted by Pat Sloan. Starting in February, we’ll be touching on all aspects of quilt making including project storage, exploring various quilting techniques and options of finishing up your quilts, and hearing about new products from Quilt Market.

When I got to the part that said -

A Space of your Own - Share your “before” photos

I read it wrong - and linked up photos of my sewing room -

I'm #8 -

But I guess it’s OK -

The photos are from 2009 -

So that’s BEFORE now - right?

Anyway -

When I got to the part about Fabric Storage Tips -

Fabric Storage Tips and Share your stash to Win!

It said -

How to Enter: Create a NEW blog post on your own blog, take a photo or several photos of your stash for your blog post
. Link back to this post, or to the Learning Center main page – there are graphics you can use, telling your readers that you’re sharing your stash for a chance to Win!. Come back to this page and add your post to our Link Party below.
Link directly to your blog post.

I didn’t want to do all of that -

Because I ALREADY did -

So I left a comment instead -

Response #7 -
A Left-Handed Quilter says:
February 21, 2012 at 3:24 pm

I have several OLD posts on my blog telling how I fold and manage my stash – if anyone is interested. Basically I organize by color – type – theme – and works in progress. I pre-wash the fabric – press it – and fold it around a 6″ ruler as if the ruler were a “bolt”. Then – depending on how thick it is – either lay it flat on a shelf – or fold it in half and put it on the shelf like a book. If I were to stack them one on top of the other – I would always want the one on the bottom! ;))

The OLD posts that I was referring to are listed on my page - Left-Handed Quilting -

But - just because it says - Left-Handed Quilting -

Doesn’t mean that the info may not apply to you if you are right-handed -

If it is directional - you can just reverse it - ;))

Anyway -

To make it easier for you -

My dear readers -

To find the info -

I made TWO new pages -

At the top of my blog -

Studio Organization
My Sewing Room

LHQ - Sewing Room #1 - My Happy Place
LHQ - Sewing Room #2
LHQ - Sewing Room #3
LHQ - Sewing Room #4


Fabric Storage Tips
Fabric Stash and Scrap Management

LHQ - Scrap Management
LHQ - Scrap Dilemma
LHQ - Fabric Folding
LHQ - Fabric Stash Management
LHQ - Fabric Stash Room

Check them out -

You might find something you can use - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda said...

I just spent some time and went to each of your stash posts. Soooo interesting! I've kinda got half a system working for me right now...but I'm pondering how to reduce three large drawers of old scrappy leftovers. One day I'll get started on it. I enjoyed all of your posts.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda - I'll give you my address - you can send your old scrappy left-overs to me! ;))


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