Sunday, February 5, 2012

Orca Bay - 2/5/12

I thought about
Replacing the black wings with white/neutral wings -
Bottom 2/3 -

Going back to -
Doing the layout Bonnie’s way -
Bottom 2/3 -

But -
See what I mean about being BUSY??
There's a WHOLE LOT going on here -

Then -

I thought about pulling all of the RED string blocks -
And substituting various solid and tone on tone reds -

So -

What if I substitute a solid red for the RED string blocks -
Framing the black blocks - in Bonnie’s version -
Bottom 2/3 -

What if I substitute a solid red for the RED string blocks -
Framing the white/neutral blocks - in MY version -

The solid red does help with the BUSY -
And now I'm back to liking Bonnie's version better - ;))

If I stay with MY version -
I have to watch the contrast between the black block corners -
And the wings -
Kinda lost it in the bottom corners -

Sure am glad that I haven't already sewn ALL of those wings -
To ALL of those RED string blocks -

And if I decide to cut some red geese from my stash -
It’s not like I don’t have any red - ;))

I can always add the RED string blocks -
To my UFO pile -
To be used in something else -
Someday -
Somewhere in time -

Maybe - :))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Editfolt said...

I can not put into blue!

Judee said...

I agree that Bonnie's version is very busy. I did one of her quilts a long time ago before I was really ready for it and I don't klike the busyness. Your version is nice.


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