Thursday, June 11, 2020

A little cutting -

After I tried the "diagonal" variation on my "folded blocks" -

And took a photo for my "file" -

I sorted the strips into "relative" DARKS and LIGHTS -

To match the charm squares I had already sorted -

And cut the Round 2 strips first -
DARK sets on the left -
LIGHT sets on the right -

I don't know about you -

But I learned the HARD way -

That I need to cut the LONGEST strips FIRST -

I can always cut the SHORT ones later -

I can cut a LONG one DOWN -

But it's not easy to cut a SHORT one UP - LOL - ;))

Tomorrow I'll cut what I need for the Round 1 strips -

Using the left over folded ends of the strips -

And matching charm squares from an extra/second charm pack -

It's always nice to have "extra" for back-up -

Especially when I'm not using a "pattern" -

And I'm "winging it" - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda Swanekamp said...

The fabric is so unique. I did a diagonal quilt like that years ago using a pattern from Missouri star- can't remember the name.

Gene Black said...

The diagonal split block looks interesting. If you split it the other way also you would get an interesting hourglass block. Just know that it will make the block smaller (If I am remembering correctly. I could be wrong. You could do a test block with scraps.)

Rebecca said...

When I played with this block I used varying widths of stripes for the center square and the go arounds.... When I sliced them and mixed them up the seams where off set depending on the block I paired it with.
Lots of fun with no seams to match.
Had not thought of that patter for awhile. Maybe time to play with it again

Jeanna said...

Well the diagonal cut is interesting. Would be fun to see a quilt like that :)


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