Sunday, January 16, 2022

Antique Squirrel - Part 2 -

Yesterday I posted about "talking" to a friend - Barbara
And said that I - 
... was reminded about an antique quilt 
That she had restored - 
And I found my post - HERE -  

From 5/12/19 - 
But - unfortunately the links to her blog posts are no longer valid - 
But here is a link to the Cotton Mill - Textile Museum - HERE
She still has the quilt - 
And was kind enough to send me some new photos - 
To share with you guys- 

EDIT - 1/16/22 - To include photo information and text of the label above - 

Pictured on the left above is Lula Belle Duck -
Pictured on the bottom right is Lillie Mae Duck - 
The text in the above photo reads as follows - 
Hand -made by Lula Belle Duck and her young daughter,
Lillie Mae Duck, Glencoe, North Carolina.
Glencoe, North Carolina, was the home of Glencoe Mills, the first
major cotton mill in the United States, owned and operated by the
Holt family from 1880 to 1954.
This quilt was entirely hand-sewn using scraps of many fabrics
including feed sacks.
Lula Belle's husband, Richard
Duck, was the Holt family cook
and probable owner of the
long-john underwear that was
inserted for additional warmth
with the quilt batting.
The ribbed underwear fabric
can be viewed  beneath a
worn scrap of the quilt top. 

Restored in 2005 by Barbara Moore, Indian Mills, New Jersey

I want to give her credit for the photos -

They are HER photos - 
But - with her permission - 
They have MY watermark - 
In case they ever show up on P*nterest - 
They will refer back to my blog -
Where I can give proper credit to Barbara - 

It is an AWESOME quilt - 

And today I pulled some fabrics for my version - 
So stay tuned - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

I am glad you have the photos. It will be fun to compare your version (more modern fabrics) to the original one.

Barbara said...

Such a lovely post about the old, torn, and entirely soiled quilt I bought at a flea market years ago! It turned out the owner lived near me and while working on restoring the quilt I learned the whole story of its history. I commend Left Handed Quilter and her incredibly analytical thinking for discerning the block that made up this 67” x 78” quilt. Being entirely hand-sewn by a young person (read the nameplate photo I put on back of the quilt), an actual block never revealed itself to me. Soaking and taking the quilt apart to clean it before restoration revealed the Long-John underwear used for batting and warmth, but a block design remained unnoticed while reassembling the quilt. It was originally tied, so that’s how I completed this restoration. Thanks to Kitty for sharing the story of this quilt here on her blog. I suspect the original owner I purchased it from, the daughter of Lillie Mae Duck may have passed by now, but this quilt made by her mother and grand-mother lives on!

Barbara said...

PS…I am so eager to see your updated version of this antique quilt!!!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Ok, so now I have a better idea.

Sue said...

Thank you both for sharing. It made my day reading about the makers and seeing the blocks. We have a quilt from the 1930s with feedsack from Winston Salem. When I found it in the house, Grey didn't understand what a big deal it was. Seven years on, he gets it. lol. It's a mystery who made it. Looking forward to seeing your version of it.


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