Monday, January 17, 2022

Side-step -

Yesterday and today I took a little side-step - 
And cut the strips for the binding - 
For my Basic Math quilt - 
That has been partially quilted for months now - 
Then I sewed them together - 

Rolled it all up - 
And set it aside - 
So it will be ready when I get the Free-motion quilting done -
Then I pulled some fabrics for my Antique Squirrel -

Found my Square-on-point die -
And raided my 2" strip scrap bin - 

Tomorrow we'll see how far I can get - LOL -

I also went back to yesterday's post - 
And edited it to include the information on  Barbara's label - 

EDIT - 1/16/22 - To include photo information and text of the label above - 

Pictured on the left above is Lula Belle Duck -
Pictured on the bottom right is Lillie Mae Duck - 
The text in the above photo reads as follows - 
Hand -made by Lula Belle Duck and her young daughter,
Lillie Mae Duck, Glencoe, North Carolina.
Glencoe, North Carolina, was the home of Glencoe Mills, the first
major cotton mill in the United States, owned and operated by the
Holt family from 1880 to 1954.
This quilt was entirely hand-sewn using scraps of many fabrics
including feed sacks.
Lula Belle's husband, Richard
Duck, was the Holt family cook
and probable owner of the
long-john underwear that was
inserted for additional warmth
with the quilt batting.
The ribbed underwear fabric
can be viewed  beneath a
worn scrap of the quilt top. 

Restored in 2005 by Barbara Moore, Indian Mills, New Jersey

This really IS an AWESOME quilt!! -
I want to thank Barbara once again for sharing it with us - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

Good sidestep...but now it is time to get back on track. i.e. Time to finish that FMQ on the Basic Math quilt. (grin)

Barbara said...

Aw, thanks once again for highlighting the antique quilt I restored. It is dear to my heart. It was thought-provokingly meditative to go back in time and work on something that might otherwise have been ignored, or even worse, used as a “cutter quilt”. But I spent so much time on it that I was happy to move on. So I agree with Gene, onward with your own amazing FMQ, something the quilt makers of the 1930s would have found unbelievable! “basic Math will be wonderful.

Unknown said...

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