Sunday, July 8, 2012

QJ - Giant Granny Square Afghan




I made this afghan -

In 1976 -

As a GIANT granny square -

From a bunch of yarn scraps -

I made sure that each round was the same color -

And just kept going until it was HUGE -

The last few rounds took whole skeins of yarn -

It covered the top of our bed at first -

Then our daughter used it on her bed -

You can see it at the top -

Under everything else - ;))

QJ - 1976


  1. I did that too! But in the late 80s. Mine's approximately 7 1/2 feet square, depending on if you measure at the corners or in the middle :)

    1. Mine's about 8-1/2 feet square - big enough to cover a King-size bed - and I beat you by about ten years - haha - ;))


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