Sunday, July 15, 2012

QJ - Green Hawaiian Print Comforter

QJ - Green Hawaiian Print Comforter

Machine pieced -
Hand tied -
King - size

No real pattern -

Just sewed lengths of fabric together for top -

Then layered with batting and backing -

The green color matched the carpet in the apartment -

Where we lived at the time -

And you can tell that it was a long time ago -

Our daughter is reading a BOOK - ;))

QJ - 1977


Sue said...

Now that is a lovely memory.

Linda said...

Hey!! I recognize that green!! lol In fact when we built our house in the early 70s I absolutely loved green. The outside of the house was green. Carpet through out the house was green. Walls painted green. Bathroom fixtures.... take a guess! Yep! green!!. So green is gorgeous and I still love green. However.... I've mellowed and now the only green in the house is in my stash or quilts. That's a very pretty green by the way!! ;o)


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